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Dudley & Kiniya

Willie’s Week


On July 22, 2015 Willie Schmidt would have been 86 years old.  We are honoring his memory and celebrating his passion for educating kids, scholarship, photography, history and fun. Join us online during the week as we remember those things that were important to Willie.  Here’s what we have in store.

• Scholarship was always priority for Willie.  Filling the bunks with deserving kids was a passion.  The Camp scholarship program was renamed in his honor.  Get in the action and honor Willie’s legacy with a gift to the Willie J. Schmidt Scholarship Fund.

make-a-gift-willie• Willie’s passion for photography and capturing the action of Camp was incredibly important to him.  Celebrate Willie’s Week by viewing some of the slides from his archives.  Get in the action and tag your friends and share some stories!  We have worked hard to bring back some photos that you probably haven’t seen for quite some time… or ever for that matter. ENJOY!

• Willie’s love of history was seen throughout his service to Camp. Telling stories and sharing the connections to the past brought him great pleasure. Get in the action and check out the archived Camp Dudley News magazines that will roll out this week.

Learn more about the man, his life and his contributions to Camp.































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