Dudley & Kiniya

Dudley & Kiniya

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Camp Dudley & Kiniya Video

We have put together a series of short videos to give you a taste of the Camp Dudley & Kiniya Experience. We are incredibly proud of our Camp program and the facilities that are available to our Campers and Staff each and every summer. Enjoy!

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Welcome to Camp Dudley

Camp Dudley Facilities

Camp Dudley Testimonials

Welcome to Camp Kiniya

Camp Kiniya Facilities

Camp Kiniya Testimonials

What’s your camp #?

What’s Opening Day Like?

Dudley Parents’ Weekend

Kiniya Parents’ Weekend

Spirituality at Camp Dudley & Kiniya

Camp Dudley Athletics

Camp Kiniya Athletics

Outdoors at Camp Dudley & Kiniya

Arts at Camp Dudley & Kiniya

Out on Lake Champlain Camp Dudley

Out on Lake Champlain Kiniya

Packing for Kiniya

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