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2020 Dudley & Kiniya Tuition

              One Session    Full Season     Champs (Aug. 8-16)
              (Ages 10-14)       (Ages 10-14)       (Ages 8-9) Click Here to Learn More about Champs

Tier 1:     $6,450              $11,500               $1,750

Tier 2:    $5,950              $10,500

Tier 3:    $4,950

Tier 4:    $3,950

Tier 5:    Tuition Assistance Program

At Dudley and Kiniya we are proud of our mission and we set the goal for ourselves to work to make the camp experience available to as many families as possible. We are proud to support families through a robust financial aid program, but we also recognize a need to do more, which is why the Board of Trustees has made it a priority to continue to offer our tiered pricing program for 2020.

We recognize that camp is a big investment. We also know that it is of tremendous value to the development of every child. The tuition a family can afford to pay for an equally valuable experience varies drastically based on their own personal financial position.

The tuition tier selected by each family is expected to reflect the family’s income level and asset base. Our goal is that our camps will be populated by campers drawn from a wide range of socio-economic backgrounds.

Your tier selection is confidential and, regardless of your selection, the experience and program for every camper is the same. We are able to offer Tiers 2, 3, 4 & 5 at a subsidized rate due to the generosity of the Dudley & Kiniya family and their support of The Annual Fund. Please select a tier that is most suitable for your family.

Tier 1: $6,450 This tuition most accurately reflects the true cost of camp for each camper.

Tier 2: $5,950 This tuition tier is in line with our traditional tuition and reflects a slightly subsidized rate for each camper in which endowment funds are used to off-set some costs.

Tier 3: $4,950 This tuition tier reflects a more heavily subsidized rate for each camper.

Tier 4: $3,950 This tuition tier reflects a deeply discounted rate for each camper and is heavily funded through the Annual Fund, which is made possible through the generosity of our alumni and parents.

Tier 5: Reflects our traditional tuition assistance program. For this tuition option we ask families to tell us how much they think they can afford and then complete a financial aid application. We then do our best to award aid based on financial need.

In 2019 we gave tuition assistance to approximately 20% of the campers at both Camps totaling nearly $900,000 in tuition reductions.

How Much Should I Pay?

In Tiers 1-4 we ask that you pay the rate that best suits the financial picture of your family while recognizing the investment you are making in your child and the Dudley & Kiniya experience.

In Tier 5, we’ll ask how much you think you can contribute toward tuition and then assess need in accordance with the aid application. Our expectation is that every family makes an investment in their camper experience.

Other Ways to Make Tuition Affordable

Beyond our Tiered Tuition we also offer flexible payment plans to spread payments out over a period of time that is manageable for your budget. You can contact our Business Manager, Fred Guffey for more information on setting up a payment plan with us.


We require a $400 deposit when you submit your application, which goes toward your final tuition balance. If you would like to request a deposit reduction request, please email our Admission Director, Evan George.


We accept credit cards to pay the deposit and/or tuition. You can also send a check to pay for the deposit or tuition payment

To Pay by Check

Checks for Camp Dudley should be made out to “Camp Dudley” and checks for Camp Kiniya should be made out to “Camp Kiniya.” Mail the check with the Camper’s name or camp number in the memo field to:

Camp Dudley Inc.
126 Dudley Road
Westport, NY 12993

To Pay by Credit Card

2020 Dates

New this year, we’re offering a one-week session at both Dudley & Kiniya for campers ages 8-9 that we’re calling Champs. Champs will run from August 8th – August 16th. Check out more details about Champs here.

All dates below are for both Dudley & Kiniya

Wednesday, June 24th

First Session Opening Day – drop-off is between 9AM-1PM

Saturday, July 18th

First Session Family Day – starts at 3PM

Sunday, July 19th

First Session Camper Pick Up after 10AM Chapel Service

Wednesday, July 22nd

Second Session Opening Day – drop-off is between 9AM-1PM

Saturday, August 8th

Champ Camp Opening Day – drop-off between 10AM-Noon

Saturday, August 15th

Second Session Family Day – starts at 3PM

Sunday, August 16th

Second Session Campers & Champ division camper Pick Up after 10AM Chapel Service

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