Dudley & Kiniya

Dudley & Kiniya

The Camp Number

Every Camper at Dudley and Kiniya is awarded a Camp Number when they enroll at Camp. It’s a tradition that goes back to the very earliest days of Camp Dudley.

An excerpt from Camp Dudley: The First 100 Years,

“For the benefit of those readers who never attended Camp Dudley and who continue to remain puzzled over the fascination of Dudleyites for their camp numbers, a few words are in order. A short time after the founding of Camp, it was decided to assign a specific number, starting with one, to each camper or staff member as they enrolled. And so a tradition began that continued summer after summer. In time, these numbers became valued possessions. But woe to the Dudleyite who failed to remember his number!…Of course, stories abound of Dudleyites meeting in some far off distant land or at a crowded convention, who upon recognizing one another, have shouted out their respective camp numbers to the embarrassment of all…”

Some Notable Numbers:

#1 – George Peck: camper under Sumner Dudley and was the Director from 1887-1903.

#310 – H. C. “Chief” Beckman: Director from 1908-1947 and built the foundation for Dudley as we know it today.

#2700 – Bob Marshall: Director from 1947-1970. First came to camp as an 8 year old under Chief Beckman.

#4606-W – Martha Ellenwood: First woman to receive a camp number, which she shared with husband Jim, Dudley legend and minister.

#7405 – Willie Schmidt: Director from 1974-1994. You can read more about Willie here.

#9061 – Rollie Stichweh: Director from 1970-1974. Rollie was the quarterback for the Army football team and was recently inducted into the West Point Hall of Fame.

#16000 – Lois Schmidt: Wife of Willie Schmidt

#20000 – The Women of Dudley: Given in celebration of the addition of Camp Kiniya to the Dudley community.

#20001 – Marnie McDonagh: The Director of Camp Kiniya. Marnie’s was the first camp number assigned for enrollment in Camp Kiniya.

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