Dudley & Kiniya

Dudley & Kiniya

Spirituality at Camp

The Spiritual Pillar at Camp addresses and supports a key part of our mission; “. . . enabling boys and girls to lead lives characterized by devotion to others.” The spiritual program has remained remarkably intact through the years. Founded on values and traditions rooted in Christian heritage it is open to all beliefs and backgrounds, and is the foundation of our Motto “The Other Fellow First.”

The impact of Camp’s spiritual program is as diverse as the individuals in our community. It is also unifying as it draws all of us together to strive to improve and develop as human beings with a spirit of thanksgiving at its core. Reflection time is taught, and is critical to the life of a leader. Thought provoking Vesper questions and engaging conversation with fellow campers and leaders mark the end of every day. Chapel Talks begin each morning with thoughtful sharing of a meaningful experience by one of our community members.  Chapel service and Hymn Sing close out each week, bringing everyone together with positive, motivating and encouraging messages.

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