Dudley & Kiniya

Dudley & Kiniya

Service Corps

We can’t tell you how many times Matt, Marnie, the Board and staff members get asked the question by devoted alumni:  “What can I do to give back to Dudley or Kiniya?” Sometimes this question comes with an offer to host alumni events, to volunteer time during our work weekends, to mentor a current Dudley leader aspiring towards a certain profession, to serve on a Board committee, lead a fundraising effort, or just give back to Camp wherever or however we most need it.

As a result of this oft-recited offer, the Camp Dudley is pleased to announce the creation of a “Service Corps” to enable our willing alums, parents, and friends to lend a hand on any number of fronts. We hope that by opening our doors and accepting these generous offers, our Dudley community will thrive even more in today’s increasingly interconnected world.

Please fill out the form below and suggest how you might best give back to Dudley. 

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