Dudley & Kiniya

Dudley & Kiniya

Help us Recruit new Campers

Dudley & Kiniya don’t advertise or attend camp fairs. We rely solely on word of mouth and the support of alumni, parents, and current campers like you to help us find great new campers each summer. It’s THE BEST WAY to sustain the Dudley & Kiniya community and help other girls and boys experience the magic of a summer on Lake Champlain.

Here’s How You Can Find Campers…

Step 1: Think about young people in your life between the ages of 10 and 15 (that’s generally
grades 4 through 8). These could be…
  • Family members
  • Children of your friends
  • Friends of your children
  • Neighbors
  • Children of Co-Workers
Step 2: Send them information about Dudley & Kiniya. You can…

Step 3: Make sure we have their information by submitting a Refer a Camper Form 

Step 4: Follow-up and make sure they apply. Please share with them the impact that Dudley or Kiniya has had on you and let them know that you think they’d gain a great deal from the experience as well.

If they’re worried about the cost… tell them about our new Tiered Tuition Program as well as our robust Financial Aid Program.

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