Dudley & Kiniya

Dudley & Kiniya

Off-Season at Camp Dudley & Kiniya


JOIN US IN 2020! Kiniya Camper Weekend: Date TBD.

Kiniya Camper Weekend began as an opportunity for mothers and daughters to have a weekend of camp activities in the off-season. Campers can bring a parent/guardian or close relative with them to our Kiniya Camper Weekend. Our time often includes activities by the fire, fun on the Dudley campus, a walk in the woods, a visit to the challenge course, and lots of laughter and yummy food.

This is a wonderful opportunity for new campers to get a feel for Camp and returning campers to be a leader and mentor. We think you’ll find the Kiniya Camper Weekend a fun and unique way for you to prepare for the upcoming summer. Girls ages 9-14 are encouraged to attend.

This weekend takes place at Camp Dudley in Westport, NY. Contributions to the Camp Dudley Annual Fund are encouraged by participants.



JOIN US IN 2020 for Father/Son Weekend: Date TBD.

Father/Son Weekend is the second oldest of our year-round programs and a perfect way to have those who will be new campers experience a fun filled stay at Camp Dudley. The weekend is centered on outdoor activities, and winter in Westport seldom disappoints. This adventure includes a snowy hike, a climb on the big wall in Sommer Hall, a walk (yes, a walk) on Lake Champlain and lots of hearty food.

While we encourage those who will be first time campers to attend, we have never had to turn away any of our veterans, so this event is open until the spaces are filled. This weekend will help get your boy comfortable in his surroundings and introduce him to many other boys who will be attending Camp with him in the upcoming summer.

If you are interested in participating, contact Dawn Gay at (518) 962-4720 or write to her at Dawn@campdudley.org. Contributions to the Camp Dudley Annual Fund are encouraged by participants.

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