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One of Camp Dudley’s great legacies is its history of Cabin Leadership

From our earliest days as the Boys’ Camping Society, the summer experience has been driven by a group of caring and bold leaders whose devotion to their campers is the cornerstone for successful summers.

We call our counselors Leaders because that is what is expected of them

And while we occasionally introduce a qualified and dynamic new individual to the mix, the majority of our employees have all been to Camp Dudley or Camp Kiniya before as campers. All of the Cabin Leaders hired at Dudley & Kiniya last summer had been campers. This same commitment to consistency carries over to each level of our summer staff and ensures that the campers will find success in a safe and supportive environment. Have questions about participating in the Leadership Development Program at Camp Dudley or Camp Kiniya? For Camp Dudley, contact #15017 Evan George at evan@campdudley.org. For Camp Kiniya, contact #20595 Kat Nelson at kat@campdudley.org.

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