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Leadership Positions
(Aide, NOLS, German Exchange, Spain Exchange, Junior Leader, Assistant Leader, Leader)

New in Fall 2018, the letter of interest is part of the application and you do not need to send a letter in the mail. When you apply you will be asked to include a statement about your desire to return.

Whether you know it or not you have a login for all things Camp! Your username is your camp number. If you have never logged in before or have forgotten your password you can use the ‘forgot login information’ link. Please be sure to apply as a returning applicant.

The application deadline is January 1st


Program Staff Positions

Those interested in applying for a job in one of our program areas and working directly with campers at Camp Dudley please send a cover letter and resume to Evan George at evan@campdudley.org. For positions at Camp Kiniya please send a cover letter and resume to Kat Nelson at kat@campdudley.org.

Maintenance and Kitchen Staff Positions at Camp Dudley

Those interested in applying for a position with our maintenance or kitchen staff team can apply online here.

To request additional information about maintenance positions please contact our Plant and Property Manager, Steven Denton, at steve@campdudley.org.

To request additional information about kitchen positions please contact info@campdudley.org

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