Dudley & Kiniya

Dudley & Kiniya

Why Kiniya for Girls?

Founded in 1919 by Helen Van Buren, Camp Kiniya was a camp that delivered a safe, loving and quality camping experience for girls. In 2006, Kiniya adopted many of Camp Dudley’s extensive program offerings, including leadership and spirituality, while continuing to build on its own history and traditions. We are set on the shores of Lake Champlain with western-facing views of the Adirondack Mountains and our dear Dudley brothers.

Our motto, “The Other Fellow First”, is at the heart of Camp life and is implemented into our daily routine. We strive to follow our mission each and every day: To develop moral, personal, physical and leadership skills in the spirit of fellowship and fun, enabling boys and girls to lead lives characterized by devotion to others.

Camp Kiniya is an experience that allows for individual and community growth; where each person feels safe to try new things and has the time and opportunity to develop meaningful relationships and passions. We seek to develop confidence and self-esteem in girls while at the same time, instill in them an abiding concern for others. In addition to a strong leadership development program, we aim to achieve this development through a balanced program comprised of Arts, Athletics, Outdoors and Spirituality.

We encourage you to learn more about our programs and reach out with any questions.


  • Testimonials

    My favorite aspect of Dudley is its traditions that are returned to day after day, like a favorite blanket. I cannot wait to return!
  • Testimonials

    I am so excited for my 3rd summer at Kiniya!!! Every year just gets better because I know more friends and more songs and more cheers and I always get to make more super new friends…I hope I get to be a big sister again this summer because I was so close to my little sister. And last of all, I know I am going to have a super leader for my cabin! I love love love love my Leaders! Can't wait to see everyone again! YOHA
  • Testimonials

    I believe based on all of the people I have heard from about Dudley and Kiniya that it truly is one of there favorite places on earth. They all say that going to Kiniya is like going home… Kiniya looks amazing and I couldn't be more excited for summer even though school just started, I can’t even explain it. Here is to hopefully seeing you this summer!

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