Dudley & Kiniya

Dudley & Kiniya


Wilderness experiences have been a crucial part of Kiniya’s program development. Over the course of the summer each camper will have the opportunity to experience an outdoor adventure. We are very lucky to be located so close to the Green Mountains and have wonderful access to the Long Trail. The Outdoors Program offers a variety of progressive experiences for each age group that allows for truly impactful character and leadership development.

Outdoor Majors

Outdoor Majors are another key component to our program at Kiniya. Each camper has the opportunity to select one major to focus on throughout their time at Camp. They will meet approximately twice a week focusing on skill development and an increased level of competency.

Water-Based majors typically include:

  • Sailing
  • Paddling – canoeing, kayaking and paddleboarding
  • Aquatics & Waterskiing – Available to older division only

KOB (Kiniya Outdoor Barn) typically include:

  • Climbing
  • Camp Craft
  • Farm-to-Plate

All campers will participate in an off-campus hiking, rock climbing or canoe experience. The trips increase in challenge level as campers progress through each year at Camp.


  • Participate in a day hike or rock climbing trip in the Green Mountains and surrounding foothills.
  • Do a cabin overnight at the remote Moscow Property near Stowe, VT.


  • Participate in a 2-day hiking or rock climbing adventure in the Green Mountains.


  • Participate in a 2-day hiking, canoeing, or rock climbing adventure in the Green Mountains (more challenging routes than Cats).


  • Participate in a 3 day hiking, canoeing, rock climbing, adventure, in the Green Mountains, ADK Keene Valley (climbing) or St. Regis Wilderness (ADK’s, paddling).

All campers, no matter their age, gain additional outdoor experience during the summer through…

  • Cabin Suppers – on site opportunity to cook a meal with your cabin over a campfire
  • Low- and High- Challenge Course – each cabin will spend significant time at the Challenge Course early on in the session.

Learn how our Outdoors program expands as you enter the Leadership Development Program at Kiniya.

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