Dudley & Kiniya

Dudley & Kiniya

Thanks for your donation

We appreciate your support of Camp Dudley. Our continued excellence is made stronger by your contribution.


Thanks for your continued support of the camp. As an alumni of Dudley/Kiniya, we encourage you to visit us for our annual CDA Reunion Weekend .


We appreciate your extended support of the camp on top of normal tuition. You, as a parent, play a big role in the success of CDA – join us for parents weekend either at Kiniya and Dudley respectively.


We can’t thank you enough for helping to fund the Camp Dudley and Camp Kiniya experience. We’ve been able to touch thousands of lives over nearly a century.  With your support, we can continue with our rich tradition.

If you payed online, you’re all set. Thanks for your donation! If you’ve made a pledge, please send payment to 126 Dudley Rd, Westport, NY 12993 payable to Camp Dudley or give us a call at (518) 893-7850.

  • Testimonials

    My husband's best friends are all Dudley men, and it is through them and their continued friendships with each other that I first learned of Dudley. Each of them credits Dudley for helping them realize from an early-age the importance of character and determination in all of life's endeavors.
  • Testimonials

    On behalf of my son, Camp Dudley is an incredible gift each summer filled with incredible friendships, Leaders, adventures, sports, music and more - all centered around the motto: the other fellow first. [My son] has built character and leadership skills he couldn't get anywhere else. [He] has become part of a long-standing tradition at Dudley that means a great deal to our family

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