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Dudley & Kiniya

Capital Campaign – BFTF


The Building for the Future Capital Campaign

Every so often, history gives us an opportunity to do remarkable things which have an impact over generations. This is one of those times. Following a truly incredible summer at Dudley and Kiniya, we are delighted to share the announcement of the Building For The Future Capital Campaign. This $10 million, five year, community wide effort will support significant construction, renovation and scholarship investment in both Westport and Colchester.

This historic Campaign supports programs and projects that serve girls and boys. The Building For The Future Capital Campaign (BFTF) has many facets but broadly falls into three areas:

  • Major new capital project investments of $7,550,000.
  • Long term investments in our people of $1,800,000.
  • Campus renovations and improvements of $650,000.

Please use the links below to explore the exciting projects in more depth.  Please contact Dave Langston (dave@campdudley.org) or Dawn Gay (dawn@campdudley.org) with your questions.


The Mission of the Camp Dudley Foundation is to secure and manage financial support for the long term benefit and needs of Camp Dudley and Camp Kiniya.

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