Dudley & Kiniya

Dudley & Kiniya

A Welcome to Camp Dudley for New Parents

This page is designed with new parents in mind and hope that it will be a useful place for you to visit before heading to Camp. A summer at Dudley is an amazing experience, but it can be a little daunting as you get ready to drop off your son. We are here to help and you should know that we can’t wait to welcome you! To get a feel for what OPENING DAY looks like, please click here to see our opening day video from last summer. As you can see, we get everyone right into the action, and respectfully send parents on their way so we can have some real FUN!

To see the entire team that will be working with your son, visit our Staff page to get to know us. You can also see the 2018 Division Heads, Cabin Leaders who are in charge of the management and programming for your son’s division, here. You are welcome to reach out to us directly via phone or email, but please keep in mind our primary focus during the summer is on your child, our campers. We will be timely in our response. You’ll get a postcard from your son’s leader after the first week, followed by a mandatory post card from your son after week two. Homesickness is a very common occurrence at Camp and we are all trained to give your son the support they need. If there is a severe case of homesickness or a challenge with behavior, we will reach out to you directly. If your son spends a night in our infirmary, or needs to visit the local doctor or hospital, our health center will reach out to you directly.

You may want to sit with your son so you can visit our videos page on YouTube, see pictures from previous summers, or learn some of our Dudley Lingo before arriving. All of our pictures are available for sale through SmugMug, which will walk you through the purchasing process. Our camp store is open several times a week during the season and online 24/7.

Parents’ Weekend

We’d love for you to join us for Parents’ Weekend and pick up if possible. Many Dudley Parents note this is one of their favorite weekends of the year as they reunite with their son after their amazing summer and get to enjoy the traditional Hymn Sing and Sunday Chapel on campus. In order for your son to get the FULL Dudley experience, we ask that you do not take him home early unless it is an absolute necessity. When campers leave early, it is disruptive to not only their experience, but that of the entire cabin, as one of their cabin family has departed.

For a full list of Questions & Answers, please click here.

For a full list of forms that are due and how to pay for camp, please click here.

How can I SEE what Camp is up to during the summer?

Our Social Mashup page is a great way to check in on all of the great things happening during Camp! Thanks to our Publications Department, you’ll see a lot of action on our Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter pages. Each week, we’ll also release a batch of photos for your viewing pleasure. Our summer photo release schedule is as follows:

1st Session – Summer 2018

Cabin Photos (6/29)

Week 1 Photos (7/2)

Week 2 Photos (7/9)

Week 3 Photos (7/16)

2nd Session – Summer 2018

Cabin Photos (7/27)

Week 5 Photos (7/30)

Week 6 Photos (8/6)

Week 7 Photos (8/13)

Archived Parent Email Reminders

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