Dudley & Kiniya

Dudley & Kiniya


As one of the 4 pillars of the Dudley Program (along with Athletics, the Outdoors, and the Arts) Spirituality plays an important role in every day at Dudley…and has since we were founded. This program pillar rounds out our entire program by encouraging our boys to take time to think about important questions that confront them each day of camp and beyond.

Dudley (& Kiniya) are non-denominational and while Dudley was “founded on Christian ideals,” we welcome and encourage ALL faiths and philosophies.

Chapel Talks

Each day starts with a Chapel Talk by a Leader or Staff member before breakfast. This is an opportunity to address the entire camp and give a short talk about a topic important to that person. Chapel Talks touch on values important to character and leadership development of the boys.


The day ends with a vesper…a cabin group discussion on various topics. At the start of the summer Leaders lead the vesper, but each boy in the cabin will eventually lead a vesper on a topic of his choosing.

Sunday Chapel Service

On Sunday we have a chapel service in our outdoor chapel. Chapel speakers come from various faith backgrounds and experiences. The Chapel Services happen at noon every Sunday throughout the summer (except for the Parents’ Weekends). Services are open to the public, but current camper parents should check with the Camp Office before attending. To view our Summer, 2016 speakers, click HERE.

Hymn Sing

Perhaps the highlight of every week. Hymn Sing happens on Sunday night when all of camp gathers in Witherbee Hall. Our alumni make it a particular point of emphasis to visit camp for a Hymn Sing during the summer. It’s kind of hard to explain so here’s a short video. Hymn Sings happen at 8:00 PM every Sunday (except for the Parents’ Weekends) and are open to the public, but current camper parents should check with the Camp Office before attending.

Hymn Sings are followed by a performance by our brass quartet on Main Campus.

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