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Dudley & Kiniya

German Exchange & Spain Exchange

German Exchange

Every other year, Dudley & Kiniya sends a cabin group to Germany and, in the interim years, Dudley & Kiniya hosts a group from the Hannover Branch of German YMCA (CVJM). The trip is an incredible opportunity for our campers. In the summer of 2019 we’ll be sending a group of campers (approximately 8 boys and 4 girls) to Camp Abbensen in Hannover. Most campers who participate are 14 -15 years-old and have completed their Senior year.

Summer 2020

This year we will welcome our German Exchange campers and Leaders to our respective camps on Lake Champlain. Dudley and Kiniya campers will travel to Germany in summer 2021.

Abbensen and Travel

Just like Dudley & Kiniya, campers at Abbensen return year after year to enjoy an unbeatable summer experience. Abbensen is co-ed, has about one third the amount of campers as Dudley (about the size of Kiniya), runs for two and a half weeks, and is situated in a forest rather than on a lake…but they have a pool!

The Abbensen program stresses diversity, understanding, creativity and fun; and the campus is rustic and beautiful. With a supportive staff and a genuine effort to serve the “Other Fellow,” the feel is just like Dudley & Kiniya’s .

In recent years, along with the our Dudley & Kiniya contingent, campers from Russia, Spain, and Japan have participated. Besides attending Camp Abbensen, the program includes…

  • A stay at the Hannover YMCA
  • A three-day home stay with a local family
  • A tour of selected areas of Germany, organized and run by Abbensen staff. In recent years we have visited Hamburg, Berlin, Leipzig and Munich.

Click here for German Exchange photos from the past few summers.

History of the German Exchange

This innovative program was developed between Camp Dudley and Camp Abbensen in the early 1960’s by Camp Dudley’s Bob Marshall and Camp Abbensen’s Herr Walter Lutz. The program introduced the concept of “fellowship and international understanding.” Hundreds of American and German campers have experienced this program, with fathers and sons now having participated on both sides of the Atlantic. In 2013 Dudley, Kiniya, and Abbensen celebrated the 50th anniversary of the program and the 1st summer of Kiniya’s involvement. Dudley & Kiniya sent a delegation of program alumni to Germany for the event.


Spain Exchange

Dudley & Kiniya offer an exchange program with YMCA summer camps in Spain. This trip, like the German Exchange, includes a homestay, travel, and a summer camp experience. Most campers who participate are 14 -15 years-old and have completed their Senior year.

2020 Dates

Tuesday, June 30th – Arrive to respective Camps
Saturday, July 25th – Fly back to States
Sunday, July 26th – Pick-up *subject to change

How to Apply

Please contact Evan George, our Leadership, Admissions & Program Director, at evan@campdudley.org for more information on either our German Exchange or Spain Exchange programs.

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