Dudley & Kiniya

Dudley & Kiniya


Athletics is one of the 4 pillars of the Dudley Program (along with the Arts, the Outdoors, and Spirituality)  and our goal with athletics is to support each boy’s character and leadership development.

Our Athletics Program has 3 different components: Divisional Team Games, Team Majors, and Individual Majors. While there is an opportunity for boys to focus on some sports, we are a generalist camp and the boys will play sports that they are familiar with but they will also play sports that they may be learning for the very first time.

Divisional Team Games

Dudley has four age level divisions…Cubs, Plebes, Juniors, and Seniors. Within the divisions the boys are placed on teams that are coached by our Leaders. Everyday, Divisional Team Games take place in…basketball, soccer, lacrosse, baseball, flag football, ultimate frisbee, water polo, track meets, and swim meets.

Team Majors

Twice a week, the boys get specialized coaching from our staff of high school and collegiate coaches. The boys choose their Team Major at the start of the session and will get 6 sessions over the course of 3 ½ weeks. We offer Team Majors in…

  • Soccer

  • Basketball

  • Lacrosse

  • Baseball

  • Flag Football

  • Ultimate Frisbee


Arts & Individual Majors

Twice a week, the boys receive specialized instruction in our Arts & Individual Majors (AIM) Program that they’ll choose before they arrive on campus and take 5 classes in. The boys choose from a variety of options that include artistic, athletic, or outdoor endeavors. The available majors focused on on athletics are…

Land Sports

  • Archery: takes place in the Waller Archery Glenn and the boys can work toward American Archer awards.
  • Riflery: available only to boys in the Junior & Senior Divisions and takes place at our Rifle Range, where the boys learn about gun safety and target shooting principles
  • Golf: takes place at the Bump Smith Golf Range and the par 3 golf course
  • Tennis: on our har-tru tennis courts
  • Rock Climbing: instruction takes place at our indoor climbing wall and the boys in the Plebes, Juniors, and Seniors also participate in a rocking climbing trip to an Adirondack crag
  • Strength and Conditioning: in our fully equipped weight room

Water Sports

Water sports are run from the Avery Boathouse and Swim Point

  • Sailing: boys learn to sail on our fleet of Laser Picos, JYs, and Sunfish
  • Paddling: the boys learn Canoeing, Kayaking, Paddle Boarding, and Rowing
  • Fishing: both from the shore and on boats. We also include basic fly fishing instruction
  • Skin Diving (also known as snorkeling): find sunken treasure or see if you can spot Champ!


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