Dudley & Kiniya

Dudley & Kiniya

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I don’t know anyone before coming to Camp?

Not to worry, you will have a whole Camp full of people waiting to be your friend! The first few days are spent together with your cabin group to help your transition to Camp . This group will be your Camp family for the session and your very first friends at Dudley or Kiniya.

I don’t have a relative who went to Dudley or Kiniya, is that okay?

Of course! About 50% of our campers have an alumni relation in their family. We hope to meet all of our new campers and their families at one of our Open Houses so that we can get to know you and you can get to know Camp.

How many people attend one session verses for the whole summer?

On average, 90% of our campers attend just one session and 10% attend for the full summer.

I am coming to Camp with a friend from home, can we be in the same cabin?

We focus heavily on building new relationships while at Camp and try to place campers from the same town/school in different cabins. There will be plenty of opportunities to spend time with your best buds during choice time. We use the cabin setting to help introduce you to new friends.

I’ve never been away from home before, what happens if I get homesick?

One of the things we expect at Camp, is that many of our campers, at one point or another, will experience feelings of homesickness. In our pre-season training, we work closely with our Leaders and Staff so that they are prepared to help campers cope with these feelings. Leaders will work together with any camper experiencing feelings of homesickness to come up with a strategy to be able to enjoy Camp and feel comfortable being away from home.

Will I be the only new camper in my cabin?

No. We always try to put at least 2 new campers in a cabin together, if not more.

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