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Preserving our rich history and traditions for future generations to enjoy is a labor of love. Through the years, various volunteer archivists and historians have worked to support the preservation of documents, photographs, objects and stories of our Camps. And the process continues. Today, with the assistance of ever expanding technology, we begin the process of making our history more available. Please enjoy the documents and videos your find on the following pages. We will add materials as they are digitized and preserved so check back from time to time. Those wishing to support our preservation efforts are encouraged to make a gift to the Annual Fund.

The Last Whistle

1938 – present
The Last Whistle, has served as Camp Dudley’s yearbook since 1938. Traditionally, The Last Whistle’s first page contains the text “Published once each year for the boys, leaders, and staff of Camp Dudley” signifying its tremendous impact on highlighting the given summer through pictures and words. The dedication of The Last Whistle is one of the highest awards given out during the Camp summer.

Camp Dudley News

1937 – present
A Camp Dudley Association publication that was started in 1937. Published twice a year, the Camp Dudley News documents a wide array of articles, news and notes from the Dudley & Kiniya Alumni Communities. If you would like to write an article, send in a picture or submit a few news and notes, please contact Brendan Loughman at brendan@campdudley.org.

The Spirit

2007 – present
The Spirit has served as Camp Kiniya’s yearbook since 2007. Like The Last Whistle for the boys, the dedication of The Spirit is also one of the highest awards given out during the Camp summer.

Camp Dudley

Camp Dudley Storyboard History

Camp Dudley Postcard History

Camp Dudley in Verse

Camp Kiniya

Camp Kiniya 1919-1939

Kiniya Van Buren Founding Years
The Greatest Kiniya Treasure Article

Camp Kiniya Articles from CD News 2006-2018

1935 Camp Kiniya Video Footage


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