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Marcus Chioffi, #13820

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marcus-headshot-webMarcus F. Chioffi, #13820
Greenwich, CT

Marcus has taught middle school history at Brunswick School, an all boys Pre-K to 12 day school, in Greenwich, CT since 2000.  In addition to his academic duties, he also coaches varsity football, as well as middle school hockey and lacrosse.  He enjoys the challenges and rewards of teaching and coaching in an environment that so closely resembles Camp Dudley.  Marcus met his wife, #16964 Joanie Chioffi at Camp in 1996 and the couple currently live in Greenwich, CT with their two children, Jack (7) and Caroline (2).

Marcus first came to Camp in 1985 as a plebe and has never missed more than two consecutive summers.  Marcus first heard about camp through long time family friend, Tink Bolster, and has been on campus for 23 of the 30 summers since.  Under the last four Dudley directors, he held positions in all ranks of leadership, including, Junior Division Head in 1996. He has also worked in Westport as a member of the maintenance, boathouse and A-Hut staffs.

As a couple, Marcus and Joanie worked under both Wheaton and Andy, for much of the late 90s and early 2000s.  In 2006, Joanie was asked to integrate and implement Dudley values and traditions into the newly formed Camp Dudley at Kiniya.  Through the mission and motto, Joanie began to implement Dudley into the leadership, spiritual and athletic programs to provide a comparable experience for the young women of Dudley.  Marcus joined Joanie in the summer of 2007, as the program director and the couple worked alongside Marnie to lay the transformative foundation which has been so wonderfully fostered and added to by so many over the past eight summers.

More recently, in addition to working in varying capacities in the A-Hut for the second half of the past three summers, he has been thrilled to work with Matt and Marnie as the CDA Vice President under CDA President Jay Wells and looks forward to working with the current Vice President, David Ready.

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C. David Ready, #14992

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ReadyC. David Ready #14992
Brooklyn, NY

C. David Ready #14992 is Vice President of the Camp Dudley Association and he will become President in 2016.

Born and raised in Richmond, Va., David learned about Camp Dudley through a friend at church and — after being hypnotized by Willie’s slideshow — signed up for a full-season first summer as a Junior in 1989 in Union Cabin. Over the next 15 years, he only missed one summer (1994), rising through the ranks to become Senior Division Head in 1997 and 1998.

As editor of the Dudley Doings in 2000 and 2003 and as Last Whistle editor from 2000 to 2003, David helped implement the Arts Majors program, building camp publications into a thriving program area. “When I look back at all of the great DD issues from those summers, I am particularly proud of the fact that hundreds of campers had the opportunity to see their own writing in print,” he says. “In the DD Arts Major, they got to learn the fundamentals of writing a good news story — factual information notwithstanding!”

A proud graduate of the University of Virginia and Phillips Exeter Academy, David has applied his communications expertise in service of educational communities. After 10 years in Brooklyn — where he served as Director of Communications for the Packer Collegiate Institute (PreK-12), David returned home to Richmond in the summer of 2014 to oversee marketing and communications efforts for Trinity Episcopal School (8-12). Before entering school administration, he spent three years as a journalism teacher, dorm parent, and basketball/lacrosse coach at Brewster Academy in Wolfeboro, N.H.

Wife Emmy, son Thomas (3), and infant son Curtis were all in attendance at the 2015 CDA Reunion in Westport. Niece Victoria earned her Kiwi Disc in 2015 after completing the Kiniya-NOLS program, and nephew Zack is counting the days when he can return to Dudley for his Plebe summer in 2016.

“Outside of my immediate family, Camp Dudley has been the single most important influence in my life — personally, professionally, spiritually,” says David. “I could not be more honored to serve my fellow Dudley alumni in this role.”

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Jack Kotz, #7951

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kotzJack Kotz  #7951
Kiawah Island, SC

 For more than a century, beginning with camper Eugene Cowlin (#742, Jack’s grandfather and a boyhood friend of Chief Beckman), the family has been a presence at Dudley.  Jack’s first year was 1949; he served as a JL and leader during the summers of 1954-56. Though he was involved in the Rhythm Ramblers and edited The Last Whistle, it was a love of the outdoors that truly captured his interest for the rest of his life. Jack and his wife, Katie, honeymooned in Westport, with Director Bob Marshall announcing their marriage at hymn sing in July, 1961!

After a Ph.D. at Cornell, postdoctoral appointments, and several years on the faculty of Kansas State, Jack and Katie settled in Oneonta, New York, where Jack led a distinguished career as Professor of Chemistry at SUNY-Oneonta. He won numerous awards for teaching, among them being named a SUNY Distinguished Teaching Professor.  Jack was an accomplished speaker and lecturer, as well as coauthor of fundamental textbooks for inorganic and general chemistry.

As an active member of the American Chemical Society, Dr. Kotz presented over sixty talks on chemical education and the use of technology to students and faculty at colleges and universities in the U.S. and abroad. Instrumental in the revolution in education facilitated by technology, Dr. Kotz served as the Director of Educational Technology for the College at Oneonta, as well as being a member of the Fulbright Advisory Board and Board of Directors for College of Oneonta Foundation.

 Jack and his wife Katie have two sons, David (#12190) and Peter (#12135), who attended camp in the 1970’s.  Katie was involved in civic activities in Oneonta for many years, and the whole family enjoyed camping and hiking in the Adirondacks.  They lived overseas several times. Jack has retired, and he and Katie now live on Kiawah Island, South Carolina, when they aren’t traveling.  Jack is an accomplished photographer, beautifully documenting their visits to remote areas of the world.

Twenty family members over five generations have Dudley camper numbers, including grandchildren Andrew (#19135), Ian (#19136), PJ (# 19137), Emilie (#20335), John (#20690), Mara (#21790), and Andy (#22490). Jack is pleased to be able to serve on the camp’s Board of Managers for the support and friendship that Dudley has given to him and his family over the years.

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Mark Valkenburgh, #15133

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ValkyMark Valkenburgh #15133 — “Valky”
Cambridge, MA

As a camper, leader and assistant division head during the summers of 1990-2001, Mark became intimately familiar with Camp Dudley, and he carries many of the fond and nostalgic memories that most alums do. Mark was connected to Dudley through a friendship with the Perry family of Wilton, CT and through his grandfather, Frank Hutchins, who treasured the Adirondacks and lived by Dudley values in every way.

Today, Mark’s enthusiasm for camp is stronger than ever: “There is no institution, no mission, no community that I hold more sacred, and in today’s fast-paced, individualistic culture, there is no motto more important than “The Other Fellow First.” He anticipates bringing his industry experience, constructive perspective, and energy to his role on the Board of Managers.

Mark and his wife, Emily, live in Cambridge, MA. Mark works for Google, Inc. as an Account Executive focused on digital media. Since joining Google he has served on a healthcare-focused team, helping clients with ongoing digital marketing efforts, and rethinking healthcare delivery and discovery via web-based platforms.  Mark is passionate about supporting innovation through technology and efficiently connecting patients to the quality care they need. Mark previously worked in healthcare consulting and later served as a Product Manager for  Johnson & Johnson.

Mark brings his love of camp, an empathy for the pressures on college-age leaders, a deep belief in Dudley tradition coupled with a material understanding of the need for change and evolution. He also possesses an inherent bent toward diversity and inclusion, and an interest in bringing Dudley out into the world. Mark looks forward to the opportunity to become more involved in the mission of enriching young peoples’ lives and and supporting the Dudley-Kiniya foundational pillars of service, character, leadership, compassion and integrity.

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Mike Bransford, #13033

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BransfordMike Bransford #13033
Minneapolis, MN

Mike arrived at Dudley in 1981 during the Willie era.  Growing up, Mike had heard countless Dudley stories but was eager to make sense of it himself.  It all came together when Mike’s Cub leader, Doug “the Bug Man” Schmidt, decided to parachute (unannounced) into main campus on July 4th.  In Mike’s words, “It’s tough for a 10-year old to pin down the Dudley experience, but the impact is real.  Dudley offers an amazing combination of experiences at precisely the right age – exposure to new activities and perspectives, heartfelt support and encouragement, hilarious spontaneity, gratitude, rock-solid friendship, and appreciation for the value in putting the other fellow first.”

Says Mike, “Dudley has been a bedrock in our family since my dad (Roger Bransford, #8982) stepped foot on campus in 1955.  My dad grew up down the street from best pal, John Storey (#8804), in Chatham NJ, who introduced him to Dudley.”  Roger relished all things Dudley and remained a fixture at camp throughout his life, serving as camper, leader, fabled painter of red rock, former Board Chairman, and CDA Man of the Year in 1997, the year he passed away.  Mike shared memorable camper years (1981-1984) with his brothers, Jeff (#12743) and Steve (#13623).  Mike and his wife, Gretchen, have three children:  Henry (#22033), Rose (#22733), and William (#TBA), who are hard at work on their own camp stories.

Mike grew up in Atlanta, and graduated from Cornell University and Columbia Business School.  Mike’s career in finance has included market-making on Chicago and London derivative exchanges, investment banking in New York and London, and portfolio/risk management in Minneapolis, MN.  The family settled in Minneapolis in 2007, where Mike currently works as Vice President of Capital Markets and Risk Management for Ameriprise Financial.  Says Mike, “I am honored to serve on the Dudley Board and hope to provide useful perspective as both Dudley and Kiniya parent.”

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Kathy Wiseman, #23372

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wisemanKathy Wiseman #23372
Williamstown, MA

Kathy became acquainted with Camp Kiniya and Dudley through her daughter Abby (#21772) and other Williamstown, Massachusetts families. Kathy has seen firsthand how camp’s leadership development program has positively impacted Abby’s skills and is ready to embrace the opportunity to be a part of Dudley’s organizational structure.

Professionally, Kathy works as a Pediatrician in North Adams, MA.  Her interest in health care and the well being of children has a long history.  In college, as a participant in the Big Brother/Big Sister program, in post-college work in Africa as a Peace Corps volunteer, Kathy gained invaluable experience in the emotional and physical aspects of developing immunization, HIV prevention, and general preventive health care programs.

In her community, Kathy continues to educate younger children (booster seat use, healthy diet and exercise) and teens (adequate sleep, knee injury prevention, concussion management). She also serves as one of the school physicians for the local elementary, middle and high schools, and is on the board of Berkshire Nursing Families as a medical advisor.

 As a member of the Dudley Board of Managers, Kathy is interested in providing input on health services (both preventive and treatment based), ensuring that emergency action plans are in place, supporting programs that foster individual skills as well as teamwork, and reviewing structural facilities and how they affect health, safety and programming.  Kathy sums it up with these words:  “The camp has been a wonderful experience for Abby, and I would enjoy the opportunity to help assure that such an experience is available for other campers in the years to come.”

Kathy and Abby live in Williamstown, MA, with husband Rich and son Matt.

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November 2013 BOM Notes

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The November 2013 meeting of the Camp Dudley Board of Managers marked the final meeting for a stalwart Board class, including outgoing Chairman Dwight Poler, concluding his second term on the Board that spanned eight years, five-year terms for Jane Lee, Ben Nelson and Dick Wallace, and a four-year term for Jay Wells, outgoing President of the CDA. This memorable send-off occurred in a unique location – the TDI Garden in Boston, MA, home of the Bruins and Celtics – at the invitation of Board Member, Lou Jacobs. Lou treated the Dudley-Kiniya Staff and Board to a Bruins hockey game in the owners suite, and an insiders’ tour of the arena, including the Bruins locker room. And to cap off the visit, halfway through the hockey game, there was a knock on the suite door followed by the World Series trophy the Boston Red Sox had won the previous night. What a treat!

The Board elected four new Board members – Mike Bransford, Jack Kotz, Mark Valkenburgh and Kathy Wiseman – to begin five-year Board terms in January. The meeting also celebrated Marnie McDonagh’s 20th Anniversery of service to Camp Kiniya. The Board adopted a resolution marking this milestone, which read in part: Dedicated Director, you have worked to provide a summer program that is transformational, and simply unforgettable, for thousands of girls and young women…. Generous in spirit, you personify, in every way, the Camp’s motto, The Other Fellow First.

Marnie, Matt and team reported on the progress of a very successful Dudley-Kiniya open-house annual tour, with “record participation” at every stop so far. Their update highlighted two significant upgrades on the Colchester and Westport campuses: the refurbishment of Loft Cabin, which will allow Kiniya to grow by six campers; and progress on the Middlebury Pavilion at Dudley, a new arts and performance structure on main campus conceived and funded by a generous group of Dudley/Middlebury College alumni and friends. Both structures, among a list of additional campus upgrades, will be ready for the 2014 camp season.

The Board also discussed progress on the 2020 Vision strategic planning process underway, reviewing results to date from a survey of Dudley-Kiniya family members over the prior months. The survey will provide important feedback for the final strategic plan that will be formulated and shared with the Dudley-Kiniya family in 2014. One survey narrative came from an alumnus who recalled returning for his JL year as a 16 year-old Dudleyite late in World War II. Chief Beckman asked him and several other JLs to step up to serve as Leaders, reporting that several Leaders were not returning for the summer as they were serving overseas and that a few Leaders had made the ultimate sacrifice for their Country. The courage all these Dudley men had shown in their wartime service inspired these JLs to become the best Leaders they could be that summer.

The Board discussed the decision to eliminate the Equestrian Program at Kiniya, a decision that culminated a 12-month review by the Board’s Program Committee and Kiniya’s staff and included an extensive survey of Kiniya families. Of the dozens of written responses from Kiniya families to outreach from Marnie, there was overwhelming understanding and support for the decision. The riding space at Kiniya will be rededicated to an Outdoor Program center, including an outdoor Challenge Course generously donated by the family of a Kiniya alumnae.

The Board approved the Fiscal Year 2014 budget for Dudley-Kiniya, which reflected another strong balance sheet from the prior fiscal year and emphasized continued progress toward growing the depreciation reserve fund, heavily utilized to rebuild the shorelines at Dudley and Kiniya compromised during the record rain and snow melt in the Spring of 2011. The Board also adopted a resolution to shift the October 1-September 30 Fiscal Year to a calendar year Fiscal Year, beginning January 2, 2015. The Dudley-Kiniya endowment stood at $8,538,860 as of September 30, up from $8,395,051 as of June 30. And on the Development front, the 2013 Auction yielded nearly $70,000 for the William J. Schmidt Scholarship Fund.

Thank You… and Happy New Year!

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The boys and girls of our Camps send a great big THANK YOU to the parents, alumni and friends who helped make 2013 so special through their generous contributions! There is still time for you to make a 2013 year-end gift. You continue to make the difference. Thank you in advance, and Happy New Year!



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Our 2011 Applications are found below. If you would like us to send you are hard copy of the application, please call 888-962-4720 and we would be happy to send one to you.

Camper Application
Online Application click here
Electronic Application for download click here

Scholarship Application for download click here

Aide/Junior Leader/Assistant Leader
Electronic Application for download click here

Leader/Staff Application
Electronic Application for download click here

August 23, 2013 Board Meeting Notes

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On August 23, the Board gathered at Camp Dudley at Kiniya to hear reports from Marnie and Matt and staff about another “best ever” summer for the girls and boys on both campuses.  They celebrated the commitment and strength of their year-round and summer Leadership teams, who ensured the campers were safe and happy – THE number one priority – and fully immersed in the Dudley/Kiniya spirit and motto, “The Other Fellow First.”  The Leadership program featured new and enhanced pre-season training and performance feedback, and an emphasis on “raising the bar” through focus, responsibility and dedication to the campers.  Among the program highlights at Dudley were specialty basketball and lacrosse clinics featuring NBA Coach and Hall of Famer Mike Dunleavy and Monmouth University lacrosse coach, Billy McCutcheon, and at Kiniya, an inspiring line-up of chapel speakers that included former Kiniya Program Director Joanie Chioffi, Board member Anna Carter-Florence, and Development Director Dave Langston in the spectacularly-refurbished Lois Schmidt Memorial Chapel.  The Board toured newly-renovated Kiniya facilities, including cabins in Junior Village, the Senior bath house, the office and leadership center and the Senior beach swimming area.

Matt reported that in response to the unwelcome appearance of the Nora virus at the end of the season at Camp Dudley, the entire Dudley community rallied to support those infected, prevent the virus from spreading, communicate with loved ones of those infected, and ensure the special celebration and reflection that mark the final days of the camp summer continued interrupted.  Special thanks go to the Dudley health and facilities staff for their extraordinary efforts on behalf of the campus family!

The Board voted to launch the new Camp Dudley Foundation, Inc., which will be a New York not-for-profit corporation obtaining its own 501(c)(3) status from the IRS. The new corporation will own and manage Camp’s endowment and help insulate it from potential claims arising from activities at either Camp Dudley or Kiniya.   The remainder of Dudley and Kiniya financial and property assets will continue to be managed by the Camp Dudley/Kiniya Board.  The Foundation will be managed by a seven-member Board, which will include the Chairman, Treasurer and Secretary of the Camp Dudley/Kiniya Board, and four independent Foundation Board members, who would be elected by the Camp Dudley/Kiniya Board.  The Foundation Board would have control of the day-to-day activities of the Foundation, which would include making investment management decisions with respect to the funds held by the Foundation for the benefit of the Camp.  The Foundation Board will continue to receive investment advice and input from the ad hoc Investment Committee, which currently renders such advice, including investment management recommendations, to the Camp Dudley/Kiniya Board.  The Camp Dudley/Kiniya would continue to manage and oversee its two-camp operation as it does now.  Future contributions to the new Foundation will be tax-deductible once the Foundation obtains its 501(c)(3) status.  While the Foundation’s application with the IRS is pending, CD/K could continue to receive tax-deductible contributions as it does now.  The Finance Committee reported that the endowment has grown from $8 million at the beginning of the year to $8.63 million.

May 10, 2013 Board Meeting Notes

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May 2013 Meeting

On May 10-11, the Dudley/Kiniya Board and year-round staff met for a two-day retreat in Westport, to launch a new strategic planning process, and to hold the regular quarterly Board meeting.  The new strategic plan launches under a 2020 Vision that Marnie and Matt established of “Developing the Whole Person.”  The Board’s strategic planning work has occurred roughly every four years over the last two decades, with the common challenge of taking what is really great at Camp Dudley/Kiniya and making it even greater.  The current effort is continuing that tradition, albeit with a shift in emphasis.  Instead of first establishing specific strategic objectives and action steps for implementing them, the Board and staff are first exploring the make-up of “a Dudley person” – i.e.,  someone who embodies Dudley values; practices the Other Fellow First; is developing his/her own moral, spiritual, physical and leadership foundations to be most capable of giving to others; is dedicated to leadership and service, and to the success of others; is confident, content, and living a well balanced and healthy lifestyle.  The process will start from this image of a Dudley person and work backwards to evaluate Dudley’s motto, mission, core values and program and the resources behind them making adjustments, as necessary, to ensure we are developing the whole person in that image at Dudley/Kiniya.  The Board will create two subcommittees, one to develop a survey to circulate to the Dudley/Kiniya family at the end of the summer that will inform the strategic plan to be developed by a second subcommittee for submission to the Board in November and thereafter finalized and available to the Dudley family.

At its quarterly meeting the next day, Marnie and Matt shared plans and preparations for the upcoming season.  They reported that camper retention remains very strong on both campuses (83% at Dudley and 85% at Kiniya, against a 75% goal for 2013); 223 families with siblings will be attending both camps this summer; requests for scholarships continue to grow.  The Board and staff also agreed to move forward with: determining a design and location for a new ropes course at Kiniya; evaluating where there may be new opportunities for reconnecting with Dudley alumni and attracting new participants in annual giving; and moving ahead with the legal work required to establish a new 501(c)(3) Foundation to oversee and manage Camp Dudley/Kiniya endowment assets.

February 1, 2013 Board Meeting Notes

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February 2013 Meeting

On February 1, the Camp Dudley/Kiniya Board and staff met at the Cornell Club in New York City and welcomed new Camp Dudley staff members – Evan George, Admissions and Program Director, and Dave Langston, Director of Development – along with new Board members – Donna Granfors (#23222), Lou Jacobs (#23033), Whitney Phelps (#22846), and Matt Quigley (#10643).  Marnie and Matt shared key goals for 2013, including: ensuring recruiting and retention remain a top priority; expanding the donor base to realize fundraising objectives; supporting high quality programs through financial stewardship; promoting healthy, well-balanced lifestyles year-round among members of the camp communities; having fun while living the motto and encouraging others to do the same; challenging and supporting each other in all aspects of running Dudley/Kiniya; working with the Board to create a diversity statement and long-term goals and plan; strengthening communication and transparency at all levels within the Dudley/Kiniya community; launching a strategic planning process; and creating a sustainability statement and action plan for both campuses.  Regarding the latter goal, Outdoor Director Scott Steen led a day-long staff meeting on sustainability, which devised the following mission statement:

At Camp Dudley and Kiniya, we are committed to creating a culture of sustainability through education programming, healthy living, environmental stewardship, and responsible business practices in our campuses and communities.

The Finance Committee reported that the Camp Dudley/Kiniya endowment is just shy of $8 million, with an asset mix of 61% equities, 34% fixed income and 4.5% commodities.  The Development Committee reported an increase in the number of gifts and total number of donors versus 2012, although a slight decrease in the average gift, attributable in part to a substantial estate gift given last year. Both camps are full for the coming season.

Final Week of Camp

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We have had an amazing final week here at Camp Dudley. The boys are in amazing spirits and no one can believe that it is almost over! We had the first ever Outdoor Hymn Sing last night with James Mayo under the most amazing Dudley Dome. Today we wrap up regular activities and will have our Final Banquet on main campus followed by All Camp Council Ring under the stars. Boys are having a ball and enjoying every last minute. Thanks to all for sharing your boys with us! To see more of the action, see our Week 8 Photos.


Spectacular day for a sail on Lake Champlain


James Mayo leads the first ever Outdoor Hymn Sing on Main Campus under the Dudley Dome!


Dudley Spotlight: Witherbee Hall

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hobbit dress 5It has been an exciting start to second half in the Hawl.  We kicked off the first Saturday Night show with an abridged version of The Hobbit directed by Wendy Higgins, with an all star cast.  Witherbee was transformed in to a series of caves, mountain ledges and Smaug’s treasure hoard in Lonely Mountain as Biblo and the Dwarves shared their adventure with the audience.

One Wednesday that were Cabin dance parties, a Martial Arts presentation, and a beautiful rendition of Radiohead’s Karma Police by visiting staff, Sluke among many other talents that graced the stage that evening.

Last Saturday night in the Hawl was one of perfection.  Diana McGuigan George directed A Christmas Carol, that filled the hawl with special effects, snow machines, expert lighting, exquisite acting, ghosts of Christmas past present and future, and Scrooge.  Campers left the Hawl highly entertained as well as ecstatic and ready for the holiday themed Hymn sing the following night. Check out the full performance in the video below!

This week, we are gearing up for the Biggish Show, Written and Directed by Bridget and Mark Davenport, Music written by Alexei Carstenson “Coool Feever”
Next week we end the summer with Mellowfest, Hosted by the Junior division and Matinee of the Arts for Parents weekend.
By Wendy Higgins, Witherbee Hall Department Head

Sustainability at Camp Dudley

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Sustainability Flyer

The new Sustainability Flyer that hangs on every cabin wall.

7:33 Cannon and Flag, waiters report to Beckman
7:50 Breakfast Bell
8:00 Chapel Talk and Breakfast
8:30 Inspection.

Spin the work wheel, crank up the tunes, listen to your Aide- its time for morning chores. For the 15 minutes after breakfast and before morning activities, every camper, from cubbie to senior, makes their beds, tidies their closet and pitches in to clean the cabin. While inspection is by no means the highlight of any campers’ day, and probably has never been the subject of a postcard home to mom and dad, it is deeply ingrained in the culture. It is simply, to the campers, a thing we do.

This summer there is an additional chore on the work wheel. The campers in charge of taking out the trash are also in charge of taking out the co-mingled recycling to the recycling receptacles the divisional area. Campers don’t have any trouble wrapping their heads around this task. In fact, our rate of contamination (% of items in recycling that don’t belong there) is already far lower than most public recycling facilities anywhere in the county. The campers are on board. Furthermore, in several cabins such as Adirondack Lodge, campers have chosen to go Zero Waste. This means no more taking out the cabin trash… ever. Adirondack lodge has figured it out. Cabin living is indeed simple living, and what formally counted as trash can instead go to the recycling, compost, or even better, not produced. The only non-recyclable that possibly come out of any Dudley cabins are:

– lost and lonely old socks
– Items sent in a letter from home (no more packages to worry about)
– A broken toy from home (some amalgam of plastic, fabric, rubber etc.)
– Loot from the Westport Word’s Fair (sorry first session guys)

In addition, Dudley has hit a sustainability target that we can all be proud of. Camp wide, we are producing less the half of the waste from last summer. While both the cabins and program areas are making an effort to cut back, the good work of Dan Stromberg and his kitchen staff are noteworthy. The kitchen and dining hall have cut 60% of waste produces last summer!

It is amazing how quickly campers are actively engaging- all in the name of what they’ve dubbed “suSteenerbility”. We are confident that these changes to our camp routine will become, like the rest of daily inspection, simply a thing that we do at Dudley.

8:45 muster in division area
9:00 begin morning activity period

Written by Scott Steen, #15509 – Outdoor Program/Sustainability Director

Dudley Second Session Program is Underway

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We’re a full week into our schedule and the boys have touched on each pillar of the Dudley Program. At the end of last week the boys chose their Individual, Art, and Team Majors and were assigned to their Divisional Teams. The Plebe, Junior, and Senior teams all went to the Challenge Course on Thursday for some team building before the competitions heat up. We had our first Wednesday Night Show and Saturday Night Show (The Hobbit, which was very well received). On Sunday, we held our first Chapel Service of the session, which featured a sermon by our very on Steve Schmidt #10875. And we ended the day with a rousing Hymn Sing! Yesterday, the Senior Division headed out to the Adirondack Wilderness for their hiking, canoeing, rock climbing, and farm to plate trips. We’ve got more games, arts majors, individual majors, and council rings scheduled for today and this evening. To top it all off the weather has been spectacular the last few days…sunny, low humidity, highs in the high 70’s! YOHA!


The 2013 German Exchange

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The 2013 German Exchange Group are into their final week in Germany with tour stops that will include Berlin and Munich. Reports back have told us that it has been an incredible time for all with our dear friends at Camp Abbensen YMCA. We’ll have the whole group back in the United States on Saturday with the boys heading back to Westport and the girls back to Colchester. We’re looking forward to hearing all of the stories from the trip, and we cannot thank the folks at Abbensen for their generous hospitality over the past month! We look forward to hosting the 2014 group!

Dudley and Kiniya Week 5 Photos

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What a wonderful start to 2nd session here at Dudley and Kiniya! Check out all of the action in our Week 5 gallery. A new set of pictures will be uploaded every Friday morning. Also be sure to keep an eye on the website for our weekly blogs and LIKE us on Facebook to keep up with all of the happenings. Enjoy the pictures!

-Brendan “Lefty” Loughman


Athletics at Kiniya

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Here is the latest news from the Athletic Department!  The Kiniya Open Tennis Tournament is in “full swing” with some hotly contested matches in both singles and doubles.  Campers and staff both competing for the title!  Our team competitions are being played in lacrosse, soccer, softball and basketball. Strategies from coaches and keen execution from campers has lead to some dramatic final minutes!  Needless to say, the cheering on the sidelines is just as fierce and spirited as the competition on the field!  The Archery and Golf Majors are definitely improving their skills daily. The Athletic Department provided a “Christmas in July” Extravaganza on Saturday, complete with Reindeer Races, Ski Races, Ornament Making and singing of Christmas carols.  We even had our version of “the Grinch”, running around, trying to spoil our Christmas spirit, but the campers would win him over with their smiles, laughing and joyful singing!  All in all, it has been a terrific session filled with a great variety of activities, competitions and fun that has gone into overtime!
Kissy Rowley
Athletic Director

Former NBA player & Coach Mike Dunleavy, Sr. Visits Dudley

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Thanks to our first ever Camp Dudley Online Auction, we got a visit from former NBA player & Coach Mike Dunleavy, Sr. today at Dudley! Coach Dunleavy ran the campers through a series of on court drills and even coached a game as well! He also spoke to the group about the fundamentals of the game and much more. Thanks, Coach!

To be a part of our 2nd Online Auction please click HERE
To view a gallery of Coach Dunleavy’s visit click HERE


Dudley and the Arts

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The Arts Program at Dudley is in full swing! Witherbee Hall has been jam packed with Saturday Nights Shows, Wednesday Night Shows, music, skits, The Rhythm Ramblers… We’ll let the pictures do the talking for us!

Meanwhile over at Brodie Arts and Crafts Lauren Widing Reports:
As the 129th summer has kicked off Brodie is looking for popsicle stick trees! Any knowledge or sign of a way to mass produce popsicle sticks would be greatly appreciated by the Brodie staff. Boys are building boats, canoes, boxes, frames, Eiffel Towers, and even Champ out of popsicle sticks and hot glue. Printmaking is a new addition to the Brodie art majors, and it seems to be attracting a lot of interest. Boys have been busy during ceramic majors creating crests, owl families, coil pots, and plenty of hand clay. The large porch is an ever popular hang out, not only for crafting lanyards and hemp, but free draw, building, and relaxing during the few moments of sunshine each day! What a wonderful start to the summer.

Over in Publications we’ve already released a couple of Dudley Doings courtesy of Editor Reed Gilbride. The photos have been rolling out like never before thanks to our team of Photographers: Drew, Reed and Lefty. And on the video front we have a very special video that was shown during the first slideshow courtesy of Dan Lipin. Enjoy! (Try not to laugh too much either… it’s pretty awesome!)

The Waterfront at Kiniya

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The first session at the waterfront is off to a tremendous start!  The water level is a lot higher than last year, which has allowed campers and staff to indulge in quite a few dips.  Sailing, paddling and aquatics have all been enthusiastically attended as majors, and campers try to remain down at the beach up until the last second trying out new skills they have acquired over the course of the week. Aside from majors, the waterfront has hosted a Pirate Treasure Hunt as the new Sunday Game with cabin Coyne finding the loot, which was a great highlight to end off the previous week.  The Paddle-boards were put to good use this past Friday for an overnight trip up the Lamoille River, and a great deal of fun was had by both campers and the trip leaders.  The packs were all thrown in a canoe, in case any visions of campers struggling with a loaded pack, a PFD, a paddle, a water bottle and a board may be running through your minds.  Overall a good program and some VERY happy campers!

-Nick Ansell, Program Director


The Kiniya Program Underway

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What a fantastic start to the summer!  The lake level is high, but the spirit at camp is even higher, with, as expected, great activity and competition happening all over camp.  This week has seen the successful introduction of paddle-boarding, with many campers stating that “this the most fun I have ever had ever”.  We’ve also had a number of Extravaganzas which have been an absolute blast. (Especially one centralized around Pirates!) The Juniors have been thoroughly excited about the Team Competition, keeping tabs on exactly which team is top of the log, and begging for the scores to be announced at every meal.  Seniors have hit the trails for the first ever three day, two night canoe and hiking trips.  They are expected to return tomorrow around lunch, with many stories about which, to write home.  Our guest at chapel this week, Anna Carter Florence, was truly inspirational.  She told the story of four young women in High School who took it upon themselves to change their town’s policy on segregation, and pointed out that age does not restrict one from changing the world and taking responsibility.  We hope you all have a wonderful 4th of July, we’re gearing up for that next!
Nick Ansell #21518, Program Director

Our Dudley Leaders

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Much of the success of Camp Dudley is due to the hard work of our Leaders. In 2014 we had 48 Cabin Leaders, with all coming through the Camp Dudley Leadership Development program. Most of them are current or recent college graduates, and all have been trained with our campers in mind. Last summer, our Leaders came from the following colleges and universities.

  • Boston College
  • Bucknell University
  • Colby College
  • Chapman University
  • Colorado College
  • Colorado State University
  • Connecticut College
  • Dickinson College
  • Elon College
  • Franklin & Marshall College
  • Georgetown University
  • Gettysburg College
  • Hamilton College
  • Harvard College
  • Ithaca College
  • Kenyon College
  • Lafayette College
  • Middlebury College
  • Northwestern University
  • Penn State
  • Saint John’s University – Minnesota
  • Saint Joseph’s
  • Saint Lawrence University
  • Santa Clara University
  • Shepherd University
  • Southern Methodist University
  • Towson University
  • Trinity College
  • University of Colorado
  • University of Pennsylvania
  • University of Tennessee
  • University of Texas – Austin
  • University of the South
  • University of Vermont
  • Washington University – St. Louis

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