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Happy Sunday from Camp Dudley!

Brendan • 3 years ago • Alumni | Blogs | Dudley Blog

Happy Sunday!

On Sundays at Dudley, we take a moment at the start of our breakfast meal, to give thanks for things we are grateful for. A good practice for any day. We get to hear from several members of the community, who quickly share with all of us what they are grateful for. It is a simple, yet meaningful way to start our day.

Take a few minutes today and revisit #25176 Josh Hill’s message from July 2018.


Making Dudley Come Alive at Home

Brendan • 3 years ago • Announcements | Blogs | Dudley Blog

#23761 Cutler Greene and his sister Charlotte are candidates for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society Students of the Year Campaign. The Student of the Year Campaign is a seven-week leadership development and fundraising program that applies many aspects of the Dudley and Kiniya Leadership program in local communities. Cutler and Charlotte are hoping to be the first candidate team in the Buffalo area to reach the $50,000 mark, breaking the local record, and putting them in the running to be the national Students of the Year! Cutler and Charlotte are proud to help their generation work to be the last to see cancer. We hope you will read about the  “Greene Teams” efforts, here and consider joining their cause as they demonstrate what it is to put “The Other Fellow First “at home.

November Dudley Digest

Brendan • 3 years ago • Dudley Blog | Kiniya Blog

News from Dudley & Kiniya


We’re currently enrolling campers for the summer of 2020 at Dudley & Kiniya so be sure to apply now! The sooner you apply to sooner you’ll have a bunk for another amazing summer in Westport or Colchester.

Want to recommend us to someone?

We rely heavily on our current families and alumni to connect us to more great kids who would love a summer on Lake Champlain. Here’s what you can do to help us find the next generation of campers…

Stay Connected:

Facebook: Camp Dudley | Camp Kiniya
Instagram: @CampDudley1885 | @CampKiniya


The 2019 Last Whistle was dedicated to #18070 David Nelson and the 2019 Spirit to #21054 Kissy Rowley.

Congratulations to both David and Kissy for such well-deserved honors. You can read both dedications below!

Last Whistle | Spirit



The Open House tour keeps rolling along and Matt and Marnie have had a blast meeting new campers and connecting with our friends around the country. Join us for, or tell someone about, one of these upcoming stops…

Pittsburgh, PA – Nov. 17 @ 11AM
Denver, CO – Nov. 18 @ 7PM
St. Louis, MO – Nov. 19 @ 7PM
Atlanta, GA – Nov. 19 @ 7PM
Winnetka, IL – Nov. 20 @ 7PM
Minneapolis, MN – Nov. 20 @ 7PM
Richmond, VA – Nov. 21 @ 7PM
Bronxville, NY – Dec. 3 @ 7PM
Southport, CT
– Dec. 4 @ 7PM
Long Island – Dec. 5 @ 7PM
New York City – Dec. 6 @ 7PM
Pennington, NJ – Dec. 7 @ 11AM
New Canaan, CT – Dec. 7 @ 5PM
Deerfield, MA – Dec. 8 @ 11AM
Albany, NY – Dec. 8 @ 5PM
Dedham, MA – Dec. 11 @ 7PM



Here’s some exciting news! New this year we’re offering a new session at both Dudley & Kiniya that we’re calling Champs. This new session will be offered during the final week of the 2nd Session (Aug. 8-16) at both Dudley and Kiniya and will be an opportunity for younger campers, ages 8-9, to get a chance to experience the magic at Dudley or Kiniya before coming back to embark on their Cub summer.

Champs will live in a cabin and experience every aspect of our program in the Arts, Athletics, Outdoors, and Spirituality. Interested in this new offering? APPLY NOW!



Alumni #13426 Ned Johnson’s article from the upcoming Camp Dudley News arriving just in time for Thanksgiving! Enjoy a sneak peek here.


The brisk morning air, autumn color, and fall festivals have become cold and brilliant winter days. While the seasons transition, memories of the summer at Camp linger. As our campers settle into their school year, we sharpen our focus on achieving our 2019 Annual Fund goal of $850,000. We are grateful to many of our parents, alumni, and friends who have donated throughout the year. Now in the weeks leading up to the holidays, we ask everyone to consider the impact of their camp experience and make a gift to the Annual Fund as a show of their support. The Annual Fund supports scholarship, leadership development, and facility upkeep, all critical components of what our campers enjoy! Gifts of any size are what will keep our Camps strong and will help push us towards the 2019 goal. Please make your year-end donation today, Online or Venmo:@campdudley. For more information, contact Dave or Dawn. Thank You!


Board Transitions

mstorey • 3 years ago • Announcements | Dudley Blog

At the November Board of Trustee meeting in Westport, we gave thanks to the 2019 board class that will rotate off on December 31st. This group of volunteers moved the organization to new heights and supported our camps in amazing ways. They include Patrick Butler, Robin Johnson, Jay Wells, Sean McCalla, Rich Maxwell, and Peter Allen. Rotating off as the Camp Dudley Association President is Peter Groves.

At the same time a new slate of Trustees were elected. They are Ben Cady from Minneapolis, MN, Monique Jones from Lancaster, TX, Shiro Nogaki from Cos Cob, CT and Ted Smith from South Berwick, ME. Matt McElroy of Washington, DC was elected as the next officer of the Camp Dudley Association and Ross Satterwhite from Leland, MI was elected a trustee of the Camp Dudley Foundation. Their terms will begin on January 1st, 2020. Congratulations and THANK YOU to all!

Camp Dudley Open House and Play Day – Join us!

mstorey • 3 years ago • Announcements | Blogs | Dudley Blog | Kiniya Blog

Join the team for a Fall Open House and Play Day at Camp Dudley in Westport. You’ll get to see the 2019-20 Open House Video, but we’ll also be offering campus tours and lawn games. Come spend your Sunday afternoon with a great group and learn more about our Camps! Current campers and leaders will be on hand as well as many local friends and alumni. Join us!

Sunday, October 27th
Camp Video, Lawn Games, Campus Tours, Cider and Doughnuts
RSVP online or call 518-962-4720


Why is Camp so Beneficial?

Brendan • 3 years ago • Announcements | Dudley Blog

Why is Camp so Beneficial?

By #13426 Ned Johnson

The following article was taken from the upcoming Fall Camp Dudley News expected in mailboxes around Thanksgiving.

On a beautiful Tuesday, my wife and I dropped our skinny, pale son, Matthew, for the start of his junior year at camp. We would miss him terribly. I suspected the boy we’d pick up in three and a half short weeks would be a different kid; that’s what great summer camps do.  

I am both a parent of two ( #22526 Matthew and #22926 Katie), an educator, and co-author of The Self-Driven Child: The Science and Sense of Giving Your Kids More Control of Their Lives. The book tackles some of the reasons behind and offers solutions to what seem to be ever increasing scourges of stress-related conditions of anxiety, depression, and disordered motivation. The solution to stress is not relaxation but resilience, the ability to recover from difficulty and challenge. At a brain-based level, we want our kids to have the sense that a stressor is one that they can handle. Childhood and adolescence offer the opportunity to learn to deal with tolerable stressors, fostering in kids the confidence that they can handle other (and more adult) challenges that will come their way. 

Who would have guessed that the solution, at least part of it, might lie on the shores of Lake Champlain? My son told me his junior year hike was “twelve hours and twenty miles in the pouring rain!” While the hike may have been half that length and really just a drizzle, in his mind, it’s a touchpoint. But not so much of “that terrible hike!” but “what I got through.” Again, it’s the sense that matters. 

Click here to purchase

Within clear rules of mealtime, bedtime, inspection, and expectations of “the other fellow first,” at camp there is tremendous autonomy, which fosters that sense of control we want. Kids who may be “jocks” in school can explore arts at Brodie or boating from Junior Beach. There aren’t school friends to chide you for stepping outside defined roles. No parents asking “Isn’t that a waste of time?” or “Shouldn’t you be doing your homework?” but instead JLs, ALs, and leaders asking “Wouldn’t it be cool if…” And, when an art project fails or you fail to clear ANY height on the high jump, there is no parent as upset as the kid, overreacting by trying to “fix things.” We all need the opportunity to struggle, to have expectations go unmet, to suffer setbacks, embarrassments, and minor failures and then, with support, to cope. When adults swoop in to do for kids what they can do for themselves, we deprive kids of what they most need: the sense that they can handle difficulty and solve their problems.

So, yes, three weeks passed quickly. I smiled broadly as we saw Matthew perched atop a pile of trunks. As we tossed his things into our vehicle, we took note of the new young man we were taking home–smiling and freckled, seemingly untouched by sunscreen the past month. Was he actually taller or just standing taller? Friends gathered round to hug him and say they’d miss him and looked forward to seeing him next year.  “Bye, Matt!” “See you later, Matt!” “Have a great year, Matt!”  Quizzically, I looked toward him, an eyebrow raised—what happened to Matthew? He smiled.  “Yeah, it’s amazing how much you can change while you’re at camp.”

To learn more about Camp Dudley and Kiniya, join us for an Open House near you!


Ned’s book is available on Amazon for purchase.

The Scholarship Marathon

Brendan • 3 years ago • Alumni | Blogs | Dudley Blog | Kiniya Blog

This year our Camps committed more than $900,000 to financial assistance for campers. While we have made progress towards raising those funds that have already been committed, we have a long way to go before the deadline at year’s end. 

#11904 John Ulin, one of Camp’s experienced marathoners, is running in the New York Marathon in November. This year he is running to boost the Willie Schmidt Scholarship fund. Please support “JU” on this run with a generous gift to the Schmidt Scholarship Fund. You can support JU’s effort by giving online or through Venmo (@CampDudley). Simply tag your gift for the Ulin Marathon at either of those online locations. Checks can also be mailed to Camp Dudley, Inc for the Ulin Marathon.  

This classic running event occurs on November 3, 2019. Make your commitment today and help inspire JU to his personal “best ever” and to know every step towards the finish line is benefitting Dudley and Kiniya campers! Thank You!

Work Weekend 2019 Recap

Brendan • 3 years ago • Blogs | Dudley Blog

The Most Beautiful Day of Spring 2019!

Camp has experienced an unusually wet and cool spring. But on May 17 – 19,  Mother Nature provided a spectacular display of spring sunshine as the 2019 Work Weekend began.  Nearly 80 campers, alumni and families made the trip to Camp for the annual day of painting, planting and cleaning up! “I’m pleased to report that we got to all the projects on the list. If they weren’t finished, we made terrific progress!” said Steve Denton, Dudley Plant and Property Manager.   

Work teams spread out across the Dudley Campus from Cub Beach to North Point.  A small team was even assigned to the Stacy Brook Wilderness Area. The scope of work was wide-ranging, including new paint on a variety of decks and railings, beach clean up at the Boho and Cub Beach, grass mowing and seeding, and program area clean up in Witherbee and the A-Hut. Another group of workers joined #7289 Ace Scharges in the Camp Archives to install new storage shelves and continue the process of preserving our history and scanning the mountain of slides stored in that space.

At lunch on Saturday, two special tributes were awarded. First, a special Work Weekend tribute to #5735 Don Zeiller, who passed away this past spring. Don was a stalwart participant of Work Weekend for many years. His son #9735 Fred and friend Bob Fleming now continue the tradition.  #13804 Matt Storey also surprised Ace Scharges by dedicating the outer room of the Archive area as the “Ace Scharges Reading Room.” The plaque commemorating the space reads: “Dedicated to #7289 Horace “Ace” Scharges for his persistent dedication and tireless effort to preserve, protect and organize Camp’s history. May 2019”  We are grateful for Ace’s faithful service.

The Work Weekend also featured great food from Josh and Gail in the kitchen and a special chapel service on Brodie Hill, where we gave thanks for the enduring friendships we have formed over the years.  Thanks to all who made the special effort to be with us.

Click here to see the full photo gallery from the weekend!

The Charlie Gillis Memorial Climbing Tower

mstorey • 4 years ago • Announcements | Blogs | Dudley Blog

Camp Dudley has established a Memorial Fund in honor of Camper #20804, Charlie Gillis. Charlie was killed in an automobile accident September 25, 2018 in Kansas City, KS while driving back to K.U. from his home in St. Louis, where he had spent a joyful weekend with his parents.

Charlie was a beloved member of the Dudley & Kiniya community, arriving at camp as a Cub in 2008 and enjoying all four camper summers. Said one of his instructors, Rev. Bill Harper, “I’ll never forget his first rock climbing experience, when he was 12. He wasn’t the most skilled rock climber in our group, but he was by far the most determined.”

A young Rev. Bill Harper with Charlie on a the senior climbing trip

He then participated in the Dudley NOLS program in Wyoming in 2012 returning as an Aide and JL in the following years. In the summers of 2016 and 2017, Charlie joined the Hike Hut staff where he was able to express his love of the outdoors. Last summer, he returned to camp in August to help in whatever way he could around campus, including a memorable performance on the Witherbee stage with his buddy, #24435 Charlie Payne.

Charlie’s experience was highlighted by the deep personal connections he made with so many during each summer at Camp. His dazzling smile, gigantic heart, and adventurous spirit spoke to the very best aspects of our camps.  It was at Dudley that Charlie learned the motto that became central to his life, “The Other Fellow First.”  A fellow camper he didn’t know well recently shared her college essay about a Dudley NOLS 3-week hiking trip. She and Charlie were 14-years-old, and she was desperately trying to make a difficult climb up an unforgiving mountain—falling behind the rest of the group. She was ready to give up and ended up dropping her pack part way up the climb—the only way she could possibly continue. At the summit, when Charlie discovered her despair, he quietly hiked back down, retrieved her pack and brought it up to her with a simple smile. That was Charlie. Always taking the time to slow down and find the time to help others.

Charlie on his NOLS trip to Wyoming in 2012

All gifts made to the Charlie Gillis Memorial Fund will be used to construct the Charlie Gillis Climbing Tower, which is expected to be ready for the summer of 2019. It will be a celebrated addition to the Dudley campus and hiking program for climbers of all skill levels. It will support recreational climbing during Dudley choice time and will provide a key new component for climbing majors, a fitting tribute to Charlie’s indelible spirit and passion.

A determined young Charlie Gillis

A gathering of family and friends is being planned at Camp Dudley in Westport NY during the summer of 2019.  All contributions made to Camp Dudley, 126 Dudley Road, Westport NY 12993 in Charlie’s memory will be directed to the Charlie Gillis Climbing Tower. We thank you for celebrating Charlie’s life with us. To contribute online via credit card, please click here. 

The Charlie Gillis Climbing Tower will be similar to the tower at Camp Kiniya.


May 2018 Meeting Notes

mstorey • 4 years ago • Dudley Blog

The spring meeting of the Board of Trustees was held on Saturday, May 5, 2018 at Camp Dudley, which was preceded by a Board training and educational session in Colchester regarding transgender youth and Board governance. The educational session on transgender youth was presented by Lyndon Cudlitz.

Matt Storey and Marnie McDonagh delivered the Directors’ reports. The Directors expressed their appreciation for staff getting the campuses ready for the season and discussed their attendance at various professional conferences to prepare for camp. Mollie Farnham discussed the mental health first aide training that was provided to all full-time Staff and gave a snapshot of the training to work with campers experiencing anxiety, ADHD and related mental health first aid issues. Matt reported on the “Low Camper Number Event” gathering in Florida and his visit with Marcus Chioffi at Camp Abbensen in Hanover, Germany.

Evan George and Kat Hood reported on the JL weekends for Dudley and Kiniya and delivered the enrollment reports with a focus on filling the camps, retention and diversity numbers. The Board held a discussion concerning enrollment at both Camps, with a focus on filling the Camps and racial and ethnic diversity, especially in the leadership ranks. Kat Hood discussed the addition of a new division to the Kiniya program — now Cubs, Catamounts (“Cats”) and Seniors. Kat indicated that adding a third division is a stepping stone to a four division system (to be Cubs, Cats, Juniors and Seniors). The addition of two new cabins at Kiniya should assist in moving to a system of four divisions, with each division comprised of roughly 40-50 girls.

D’Anne Hurd, on behalf of the Audit Committee, reported on the improvements in the Camps’ bookkeeping system and ability to share information with the auditors and updated the Board on the 2018 Conflict of Interest report. Jim Godfrey of Tyler, Simms & St. Sauveur presented on the recently concluded annual audit of the Camps’ financial condition and the Board voted unanimously to approve the financials and the 990 to be submitted to the IRS.

Evan George and John Ulin reported on the activities of the Keeping Camp Affordable (“KCA”) Initiative. Evan reported on the KCA committee’s communication with peer institutions about how they are addressing tuition challenges and tiered pricing.

Mike Bransford presented the report of the Finance Committee. Mike discussed strengthening the Camps’ financial architecture and record keeping. Caroline Deans reported on the work of the Financial Reporting Sub-Committee and led a discussion surrounding how best to benchmark our Camps’ financial practices against the practices of peer camps. Fred reported on the Camp’s first quarter financial statement and explained how the camps are managing employee benefits costs by moving to a high deductible health insurance plan and paying the employee co-pay portion of covered services from our Camps’ HRA. Marnie indicated that she expects Camp Kiniya’s tax payments to increase for 2018 and 2019, due to a recent reassessment. The Board will be looking at its options to see how best to address this expected increase.

Welcome Home, The CDA Reunion

Brendan • 4 years ago • Blogs | Dudley Blog

By #15328 JD Boyle

I remember the first time I stepped foot at Camp Dudley, my father, Dave Boyle, #8928, brought me to reunion in the summer of 1990. All I knew about camp was we were blessed to have been a part of it for generations and there was a building named after my great-great-grandfather. Being a city kid from Cleveland, I wasn’t sure what to expect. In my mind, I knew I shouldn’t expect too much grandeur, so I pictured this nice, modest six story building like you would find in commercial areas in suburbs across America. After the 10-hour drive, when my father said, “We are here,” and I looked over at Witherbee Hall, my perceptions were shattered and my experiences surpassed it. Since this first reunion, I have attended well over 20 reunions including the last 18 straight.

Arriving at that first reunion, I quickly realized I knew nothing about camp. I assumed that as my father hadn’t been back to campus for over 25 years, he must not know anyone other than Willie Schmidt, who would come to our town once a year and always had a special enduring nickname just for me, “Kid”. Quickly, my perceptions were wrong again as my father was greeting and being greeted by name from strangers at distances where reading nametags was impossible. The weekend continued and so did the names just out of his memory.

As an adult, I have cherished getting to spend time with and know leaders I looked up to as a camper like Scotty Sly, Don Schmidt, Ted Smith, Ed O’Hara, and Jay Wells to name a few. I’ve been able to bond with the men that were their leaders (Warren Fuller, Mac Thayer, Bear, and Rich Maxwell). I even got to play golf with Rollie Stichway one year in the George Nelson Memorial Golf Tournament. If anyone has been able to spend an hour with that man you know how special of a time that can be. Today, I am blessed to get to spend time with former campers (David Fitzpatrick, Shane Canning, Matt McElroy, and Darryl Smalls) and see them as full-grown adults.

As a father, reunion has become even more special to me. I brought my daughter, Ainsley, up for the first time at six months of age. Davo even went out of his way to accommodate us by purchasing a pack and play, so we didn’t need to travel with one (talk about the Other Fellow First). Now, I see my daughter run around all over campus with the kids of campers and leaders that attended camp with me. She does archery, arts & crafts, boating, and swimming at Swim Point (rules are still rules). No matter how many more reunions we go to, how many more kids we have, or how old we get, I will never forget holding my daughter in my arms as she fell asleep during hymn sing.

The point of this article isn’t just to tell you about my memories at reunion, but to invite you and your family to come and make some of your own. If you are worried about you or your family not knowing someone at reunion, don’t be. The remarkable thing about Camp Dudley is as things have changed, things stay the same. I guarantee you will find someone saying your name from a distance way too far to be reading a nametag, and if by some strange reason you don’t know anyone when you get there, you will have several more friends when you leave.

#15328 JD, left, with Daughter, Ainsley, and longtime friend, #14866 James Mayo at a past CDA Reunion.

Huge congrats to JD and his wife Molly on their newest additions to the family! Twins, Thayer Hemenway Boyle &  Everett Joseph Boyle! (We see that Camp shirt too!) We look forward to seeing you at CDA Reunion 2019!

Summer 2018 Dudley Staff Openings

egeorge • 5 years ago • Announcements | Blogs | Dudley Blog | Uncategorized

Camp Dudley is seeking team-oriented individuals to facilitate programming at our beautiful camp.  Must enjoy working with youth, with a secondary role as a positive role model for young people in a community dedicated to character and leadership development. Must be able to work independently and with a team.

We are currently looking for individuals to fill the following positions…

  • Security
  • Theater Tech
  • Lifeguards
  • Kitchen Helper/Dishwasher

Security: Seeking individuals who have experience in security and safety. Roles include Camp Dudley’s night watch program and leading camper, personnel, and facility safety. Must enjoy working with a team, be able to respond effectively to emergencies, and pitching in wherever help is needed. See full job description here.

Theater Tech: Seeking individual who has experience in theater lighting, sound design, and/or stage teach. Must enjoy sharing knowledge and love of the theater with youth! Role includes managing and maintaining the stage tech program in Witherbee Hall, our 400 seat theater throughout the summer months and planning and teaching activities for campers to participate in meaningful and fun ways. Must enjoy working with a team and pitching in wherever help is needed. See full job description here.

Lifeguard (multiple positions available): Seeking individuals who have current lifeguard certification to cover a busy lakeside waterfront. Lifeguards are responsible for providing supervision and ensuring a safe environment for all swimming activities and assist in the management of the physical operation and care for equipment. Lifeguards may also assist in conducting swimming lessons (WSI required) and help run all-camp events at the waterfront. Current lifeguard certification or equivalent required and current first aid and CPR required. See full job description here.

Kitchen Helper/Dishwasher: This is an entry-level food service position that is responsible for maintaining a high level of cleanliness in the kitchen. The kitchen helper is responsible for washing breakfast and lunch dishes, other dishes throughout the shift, mopping, accomplishing a schedule of tasks that promote kitchen cleanliness and organization, and assisting other food service staff as needed. Someone in this position will be exposed to cleaning compounds (we strive to use as many environmentally friendly cleaning products as possible), and a hot/humid environment at times during the workday. Physical demands include lifting/carrying 50# sacks, moving heavy trays of product, being on one’s feet for long periods, loading/unloading heavy objects from hot ovens and dishwashers. S/he must understand and support the mission of Camp Dudley.Knowledge, Skills, Abilities Familiarity with the dynamics of a professional kitchen is a plus. Attributes sought for this position are a willingness to learn, time/space management skills, physical stamina, a friendly temperament, a desire to help out where needed, and the ability to be a positive member of a cohesive team.

Interested in these positions?

Please contact Evan George
Leadership, Admissions & Program Director
Camp Dudley

2017 Dudley Job Openings

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2017 Job Openings at Dudley

Each summer, Camp Dudley employs approximately 150 Program, Kitchen, and Maintenance Staff who work to produce an incredible camp experience for the campers. Hiring needs change from year-to-year and currently Camp Dudley is seeking individuals for the following positions…

Climbing Instructor: We’re looking for an experienced climber to run our indoor and outdoor rock climbing program. This includes leading trips to Adirondacks crags and supporting Camp Dudley’s Outdoor programming. Read the full job description.

Arts & Crafts Instructor: Interested in teaching art in an outdoor setting? We have openings in our Arts & Crafts program teaching various mediums. Arts & Crafts instructors typically lead classes in drawing and painting, printing, and ceramics, but there is room to incorporate new programming and teaching new skills. Read the full job description.

Tennis Instructor: Take the lead in one of our most popular program areas. We’re looking for an experienced tennis instructor to teach tennis at various levels to boys 10 – 14 years old. In addition, the tennis instructor will work with the rest of our Athletics Program team and work in other areas as well. Read the full job description here.

Maintenance: Work with our skilled Maintenance crew to keep campus safe and clean. This position offers an opportunity to work hard outside and be a part of a fun and dynamic team. Read the full job description here.

Food Service: Join a fast paced work environment filled with lots of opportunity for leadership and management experience. Our Food Service team works hard everyday to deliver 3 meals a day to the over 500 people on campus. In addition, the Dudley Food Service program works with local farmers to source as much of our food as possible from the immediate area and also strives to minimize waste by executing a high standard composting and recycling program. Read the full job description here.

#18353 Matt Giles – Alumni Spotlight

Brendan • 7 years ago • Blogs | Dudley Blog
The following article was written by #18353 Matt Giles for the upcoming Spring Camp Dudley News

“Basketball has always been my obsession, but I was especially manic during the five or so years I worked at Camp Dudley. Whether it was recruiting rankings, or coaching moves, or halfcourt sets, I followed everything related to the bouncing leather ball.

giles-web“So when Joe Mantegna, the head coach of Blair Academy, then (and now) a top high school program in New Jersey, dropped by Westport to run a few sessions for basketball majors in the summer of 2005, I was stoked. It wasn’t that I had questions for the coach — I had many of those — but I more wanted to pick his brain about recruits, and what he thought of various prospects like Peyton Siva and Lance Stephenson (this was pre-Google’s omnipotence in all corners of the web, so I really had to deep-dive into the fan forums and grainy VHS tapes to expand my knowledge). After I graduated college and started freelancing, I realized this obsession could be something I could possible make money from.

“I started working as a fact-checker for ESPN the Magazine, and in my free time, contributed college basketball content for the magazine (my first piece was on Chicago State’s David Holton, a 5-foot-8 point guard who led the country in scoring). That gig led to further writing opportunities — with 350-plus Division I schools in the country, there are a lot of players with a lot of interesting backstories — and I now write for the New York Times, Deadspin, NBC Sports, the Washington Post, Vice Sports, and FiveThirtyEight (among others, and along with my full time job as an editor at Popular Science). That passion, fostered during those days as a Dudley Leader in Columbia and Wesleyan, has continued to fuel a career that I never envisioned.”

With the NCAA Tournament just around the corner – Check out some of the great basketball articles Matt has put out recently! 
Five Weird Teams To Watch In The NCAA Tournament – FiveThirtyEight.com
Stephen F. Austin Are Ready To Be The Bad Guys Of March Madness – Vice Sports
The Nuns Who Love Chris Mullin – The New Yorker
Taking Their Game to the Highest Level – The New York Times


Sundays at Camp Dudley

Brendan • 7 years ago • Alumni | Blogs | Dudley Blog


I swear it was the sunniest day of the summer. The skies were bright blue, the lake was calm, and there were smiles on the faces of everybody I chatted with. It was just about time for Sunday Chapel services at camp and I was a first-timer.

If you have never experienced a Sunday at Dudley, I highly recommend doing so. Of my four summers at Dudley, I had yet to experience one and I will now shame myself for never attending these festivities.

It amazed me how small camp looked from the top of the Chapel steps. It was like a big extended family, comfortable squished into the stunning evergreen tree-lined grove.

gospel 1

The Gospel Choir was absolutely beautiful, between their group songs, solo pieces, and guitar number performed by Pete O’Brien.

James Mayo, lead from the piano seat, keeping the energy high and the audience engaged, while #21982 Dom Walker started out the Gospel songs on a lovely strong note.

The readings chosen were equally inspiring and it was nice to see the campers present these passages separately or alongside their cabin mates.

When the audience was invited to join in the singing the whole area was filled with the joyous voices of this family, and it brought a smile to my own face to see everybody so engaged and to know I was a part of it.


Director, Matt Storey, made an inspiring introduction speech where he told campers and leadership alike to “make the most of it,” meaning their last week, and to “find something you have not done yet at camp” and do it.

Storey finished his speech by advising us all to remain, “loud and proud!”

This was followed by thunderous applause and excited YOHA’s thrown in the air.


The main speaker of the service though was, Father Mark Connell, who had last spoken in 2011. Connell started out his speech by pulling the audience in. “I am looking at our nation’s future leaders, filled with hope,” he said of the campers.

Connell went on to tell a story in which he incorporated eye color, saying that for the last week of camp green-eyed people could not swim, blue-eyes could not have dinner, and brown-eyes had to go home today.

The point of this? It’s “kind of silly to think of ourselves by one characteristic of who we are,” Connell announced, bringing his fake experiment full circle.

“We like as people, to put people in categories,” he continued. “We do it in every aspect of our lives.”

Connell advised us to “seek for yourself what is your greatness” and take down those walls we have built up against one another for this last week of camp.

Overall, Chapel was a magical place that left everybody, myself included, engaged until the final song had ended and the audience dispersed into the beautiful day.


Later that night I ventured back to camp, my younger sister in tow. We were attending another Sunday Dudley tradition, Hymn Sing.

Walking into Witherbee Hall Sunday night the first thing I felt was the energy apparent as all the campers and leaders filed in and sat around and atop the stage, screaming and pumping one another up for the event.

It was growing darker outside, but the liveliness of Witherbee made it feel like the sunniest day at camp had not quite ended yet.

At 8:00 p.m. sharp, piano-fanatic, James Mayo started right in with the Hymns, keeping the energy high with his joyful prompts of, “Verse two!”

I was amazed at how many of the campers knew the hymns without looking at the lyrics, and had simply left their books on the ground beside them.

There was one hymn that brought everybody to their feet immediately and I wondered if there was a place in this world that had more spirit?

I definitely knew the answer was no there was not. There was something about singing in a big group in a small area that brought a smile to my face as I sang and clapped louder to the words of the hymns.

As the night came to a close and the hymns got sadder and more emotional I saw the truth in Mayo’s earlier words, “it just baffles me how fast this summer has flown by, some days I wish camp could last forever.”

I definitely could not agree more. As this summer comes to a close I want to thank you all for reading, and especially thank the Dudley staff, leaders, campers, etc. for this opportunity. It has truly been the best summer yet. YOHA!

By #22835 Alexa Mitchell

A look into Swim Point at Camp Dudley

Brendan • 7 years ago • Blogs | Dudley Blog


“Dude, I love this place,” was one of the first things I heard this past Tuesday morning as I meandered down to Swim Point. I smiled and silently agreed; I loved this place too.

As I continued down to the Point that morning, the oddly welcoming smell of dead fish filled the air and I could hear “Big” Joe Maiurano’s bellowing laughter as he told some joke that he continue to tell each new swimmer he came across all day long. Today’s joke involved a snorkeler named “A Net.”

"Big Joe" with Lauren

“Big Joe” with Lauren

Big Joe and his wife, Dawn Maiurano have both worked at Dudley for twenty five plus years. “She’s the mastermind, I just fix things,” Big Joe once remarked to me. He continued to explain that before they ran Swim Point strictly, he had coached and refereed baseball games, as well as run the Boathouse.

“We helped bring back the waterfront,” Big Joe reminisced as he discussed how events like snorkeling and water polo were still recent additions to the Point’s activity list.

Nowadays though, the Maiurano’s are firmly Swim Point’s headers. Open for snorkeling majors, swim meets, water polo matches, and choice time every day of the camp week.

In addition to Joe and Dawn their son, Peter Maiurano, a Witherbee Theatre Hall native, makes an appearance at the Point this summer, alongside his wife, Lauren Widing Maiurano. “I absolutely love it,” Widing said about the Point. Previously, Widing had been the head of arts and crafts at Brody. “It was time for a change,” she finished.

Speaking of change, Rob “Crowbar” Crowe, a previous assistant leader last summer, has traded in his clipboard for a snorkel and joined the Point staff full-time this summer, as well. “I like hearing good responses from the kids,” he mentioned to me one afternoon. “I like knowing that they’re having the best time possible.”

Swim Point silliness with Cat and Joe

Swim Point silliness with Cat and Joe

In addition to Crowbar, me, and the Maiurano’s, Catherine McCutcheon takes on her fifth summer, while Willa McKinley enters her fourth summer at the Point. “We get to interact with every age group,” McKinley said of why she enjoys working at the Point. “Everybody comes swimming, from regular swim team boys to non-swimmers; we get to know them all.”

McKinley went on to explain that if you are involved strictly with coaching basketball you will only ever get to know the basketball players at camp or if you only ref tennis, you will only ever see those boys that are interested in playing tennis at camp. Meanwhile at the Point, we get to meet all types of campers, because everybody will eventually come down to cool off in the lake, and that is what makes our job on the waterfront “so much fun and rewarding,” she finished.


Alexa down at the Point

As a Westport, N.Y. native myself, I had spent the first eighteen years of my life growing up alongside Lake Champlain, before venturing off to St. Lawrence University three years ago. Therefore, I had known about Dudley and lived a quick five minute drive from it all my life. Yet, I had not known the true magic of camp until four summers ago when I accepted the opportunity to join the Swim Point team. Now here I am starting my fourth summer and making the familiar trek I know all too well down to the Point, and I can definitely agree, after talking with my fellow coworkers, that the Point is one of the most special places at camp.

Come on down, the waters fine!

By #22835 Alexa Mitchell
Photos by #22008 Willa McKinley and #18801 Drew Rider

We’re very lucky to have Alexa Mitchell writing our Dudley Blogs for us this summer. You can look forward to much more in the coming weeks! 

Camp Dudley and Kiniya Chapel Speakers

Brendan • 7 years ago • Alumni | Blogs | Dudley Blog | Kiniya Blog

2019 Camp Dudley Speakers

6.30.19 #18500 Rev. Bill Harper
7.7.19 Jack Gillis
7.14.19 #25331 Christina Lowery
7.21.19 #11584 Rev. Dr. Pete Allen
7.28.19 #14016 Sean McCalla
8.4.19 #17272 Katherine Appleyard
8.11.19 #21982 Domanick Walker
8.18.19 #10846 Rev. Bob Langston
8.25.19 – CDA Reunion – #7381 Paul Lutz


2019 Camp Kiniya Speakers

6.30.19 #20113 Caroline Delaney
7.7.19 #25368 Erinn Harley-Lewis
7.14.19 #11904 John Ulin
7.28.19 #25331 Christina Lowery
8.4.19 #23845 Betsy Lyles
8.11.19 #24514 Caroline Deans

2015 Camp Dudley JL Weekend

• 8 years ago • Blogs | Dudley Blog


The Junior Leader (JL) Weekend at Dudley is not only becoming a great tradition, but it’s an incredible opportunity to prepare for this very important step in the Dudley Leadership Development Program. After all, your JL year is your first year as an employee! The boys that attended the weekend (23 in total) were a terrific bunch. They were led through several workshops by Matt, Evan, Dave “Fu”, Davo, Colin Loher, Josh Olcott, Dave Nelson, Jake Rutter, Tom Dils, Blake Harper, Rapheal Mettle, and Jeff Schwoebel. In addition, the JLs took the reigns on a few items by coordinating their own council ring, vesper, and a chapel. We’re lucky to have such a great group joining the leadership ranks this summer and we look forward to them putting the lessons of the weekend into action in their cabins.

Click here for more pictures from the weekend!

Dudley & Kiniya Job Opportunities!

• 8 years ago • Alumni | Blogs | Dudley Blog | Kiniya Blog

Know anyone that loves working with kids, being outside, and working with great people?

We’re looking to fill a few Program Staff positions this summer in Westport and Colchester. See below for the available positions. This is a great opportunity to work some very talented (and fun!) folks at Camp Dudley or Camp Kiniya.

At Camp Dudley positions include…

Stage Tech Instructor (Job Description Here)

Lifeguards (Job Description Here)

Sailing Instructor (Job Description Here)

Challenge (Ropes) Course Director (Job Description Here)

General Outdoors Program Staff (Job Description Here)

If you’re interested in a position at Camp Dudley please send your cover letter and resume to Evan George at evan@campdudley.org.

At Camp Kiniya positions include…

Theater Director

Ceramics Instructor

Music Director


Waterski/Wakeboard Instructor

WSI Swim Instructor

Paddling Instructor

Athletics Coaches

If you’re interested in a position at Camp Kiniya and would like more information please send your cover letter and resume to Marnie McDonagh at marnie@campdudley.org.


Kiniya 2015 Leadership Training Weekend

• 8 years ago • Alumni | Blogs | Dudley Blog | Kiniya Blog


This past weekend we welcomed just over half of the 2015 Kiniya JLs to Westport for our Leadership Training weekend. We had the fire roaring in Maclean all weekend and were thrilled to spend some time outside as well. Our time together was focused on learning about our own styles as individual leaders and discussing a few tools on how best to work with our campers this coming summer. Each person brought a different perspective and helped the group see leadership in a variety of ways. Mollie led us in some outdoor discussions and adventures out on the frozen lake and we cooked a nice treat over the fire at the Middlebury Outdoor Pavilion – muffins in an orange peel! We wanted it to feel as much like Camp as possible so we included vespers, a chapel talk, and even Sunday talks! Our time together served as an excellent time to begin preparing for summer, as first time employees, and as a nice break from their busy lives at home and school.

Kat Nelson, #20595
Leadership Development Director


Cultivating Camp’s Tech Free Traditions In The Digital Age

• 8 years ago • Blogs | Dudley Blog | Kiniya Blog


By Catharine Steiner-Adair, EdD

Originally Published in the 2014 September/October Camping Magazine


The camp director of one of the oldest and most respected camps on the continent remembers how, a few years ago, his camp’s continuing tradition as a tech-free environment was especially hard for some fourteen- and fifteen-year-old campers. Cell phones, texting, and social media were the personal default setting of their lives. “We had some kids who really missed it,” he told me recently. The networked life was the only life they knew at home and school. Going tech-free was a culture shock for them. Today, he says, the same-aged campers “express a huge sigh of relief to be getting away from the phone and Facebook®.”

Never before have there been such compelling reasons to send a child to summer camp, as we all adjust to life in the digital age. Very few places are left on the planet today where you can see 150 kids happily walking, talking, giggling, and singing together, where they’re fully engaged, fully present to each other, arms linked, with nobody looking down to check a phone. Where else can you see groups of children laughing with each other over the story they’re telling and not the YouTube® videos they’re watching? The tech-free, unmediated moment is so rare in children’s lives today. They hardly know what it’s like to be around grownups, young adults, and peers when nobody puts a conversation on hold to take a call on their cell phone, or “just check” for texts or e-mail. These mini-moments of disconnect have become an accepted part of relationships, but not a helpful one.

Click Here to Finish Reading

November E-Newsletter

• 8 years ago • Blogs | Dudley Blog | Kiniya Blog

IMG_0863-XLGet Those Applications In!

  • The application for the summer of 2015 is available online. The camper application deadline is January 15th, but why not get those applications in now before you get all wrapped up in the holiday season (no pun intended).
    Returning Campers: apply via their Online Account
    New Campers: can apply online here.
    Aides, JLs, ALs, & Leaders: Remember, your first step is to submit a written Letter of Interest to either Matt or Marnie by December 1st.


IMG_2943-XLDo You Know A Great Kid for Camp?

It’s not too late to apply for the summer of 2015. If you know a great kid for Dudley or Kiniya be sure to mention us. Our focus for recruitment is on boys currently in 5th grade and girls currently in 4th grade, but we have new campers in all divisions. You can send families to our website, refer them through our Refer A Camper page, or simply call us at 518-962-4720.

Willie with Campers

Donate Today

In 2014, the William J. Schmidt Scholarship Fund gave away over $800,000 to support over 250 Dudley & Kiniya campers. The scholarship fund is made possible through the generous support of alumni, parents, Leaders, Staff, and even some campers! That’s something all of us can be proud of. Please join your friends and family and help us support more great kids at Dudley & Kiniya. You can donate to our Annual Fund here.

IMG_7054-XLThe Lost Sheep Campaign

We love to keep as many people as we can updated about the great stuff we’re up to at Dudley & Kiniya. That’s why we’re in the midst of a campaign to update the information for as many alumni as we can. It’s easier than ever too! If you know anyone that’s not getting the Camp Dudley News or emails like this one then send them to our Reconnect Form here.

The Open House Video is Online

At each of our Open House stops we’ve been getting rave reviews for this year’s Open House Video (great job Brendan “Lefty” Loughman!), so we figured we should put it online sooner rather than later. So here it is…

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2014 Dudley Majors Sign Up!

• 9 years ago • Dudley Blog

This year we’re asking all Plebe Campers through Aides to submit their Major choices before they arrive. PLEASE COMPLETE THIS FORM BY JUNE 1st. All Cub campers will be given an orientation on our Majors Program at the start of camp and they will have an opportunity to sign-up at that time. Campers will be given the opportunity to switch their majors at the start of the summer if they decide they would like to do something different between now and their arrival in Westport. You can view descriptions of our 2014 Majors Program here.

Beckman to be powered by the sun

• 9 years ago • Alumni | Announcements | Blogs | Dudley Blog

img_5403 copyWe are all very excited to be closing in on Dudley’s first large scale renewable energy project. As of today, the mounting brackets are all installed on the roof, and a handful of the solar panels are in place.  Estimated to be complete by May, next summer’s incoming campers and parents will be treated to a shiny new view of the south side of the Beckman roof. The solar array will consist of approximately 100 panels, with the capacity to create enough electricity to offset almost ½ of our current annual use in Beckman. Between the energy we create, and a handful of energy efficiency changes in the kitchen over the next few years, we’ll hope to reach our goal of making the dining hall a “zero energy building”, which is a building that creates roughly the same amount of energy that is consumes annually. 

To see more of the project click here.

2013 AL Winter Leadership Trip Recap

• 9 years ago • Alumni | Blogs | Dudley Blog


Just before the start of the New Year ten perspective leaders, led by Dylan Pollock # 17676 and Marlon Fisher # 16119, began a six day leadership expedition. The group was based out of a winterized yurt in Stacy Wilderness. To start out, the group assisted local non-profit organization called Champlain Area Trails, in creating some local trails between Westport and Essex. More highlights included ice climbing at ADK Rock and River’s private ice park and a two day hike in the JBL region where they summited  Lower Wolfjaw Mountain. This section of the trip also included an overnight at the Peggy O’Brian cabin. It was a chance to spend time with friends while developing leadership skills during the holiday times. All and all, it was an incredible trip. Check out more pictures right here!

Dylan & Marlon


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