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Kiniya 2015 Leadership Training Weekend

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This past weekend we welcomed just over half of the 2015 Kiniya JLs to Westport for our Leadership Training weekend. We had the fire roaring in Maclean all weekend and were thrilled to spend some time outside as well. Our time together was focused on learning about our own styles as individual leaders and discussing a few tools on how best to work with our campers this coming summer. Each person brought a different perspective and helped the group see leadership in a variety of ways. Mollie led us in some outdoor discussions and adventures out on the frozen lake and we cooked a nice treat over the fire at the Middlebury Outdoor Pavilion – muffins in an orange peel! We wanted it to feel as much like Camp as possible so we included vespers, a chapel talk, and even Sunday talks! Our time together served as an excellent time to begin preparing for summer, as first time employees, and as a nice break from their busy lives at home and school.

Kat Nelson, #20595
Leadership Development Director


Yahoo Sports Article on #18797 Aron Nwankwo

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Tonight is Pitt’s Senior Night and Yahoo Sports did a fantastic article about an amazing young man, #18797 Aron Nwankwo and his unique experience at Pitt. Aron’s last summer at Dudley was in 2009 as an AL. We’ll be cheering loudly from Westport tonight, Aron!

Taken from the 2008 LW

Taken from the 2008 LW: Aron is in the far back right


January 2015 Board of Trustees Meeting Notes

• 7 years ago • Alumni

The first meeting of 2015 for the Camp Dudley Board of Trustees (BOT) was held January 23, 2015 at the Union League Club in New York City thanks to the wonderful invitation from fellow Trustee, Scott Martin.  The Executive Committee, along with Matt, Marnie, and Fred Guffey, met with the following new trustees from the Class of 2019 — Pete Allen, Patrick Butler, Robin Johnson, Rich Maxwell, Sean McCalla and Jay Wells — for a magical orientation meeting.  The BOT is welcoming in a larger Class than usual, but each individual brings great skills and talent to the Board.  After a warm welcome from Matt Quigley, the Board Chair, he provided us with a brief moment in Dudley History looking back at 1965 – 50 years ago which was Camp’s 81st season and Bob Marshall’s 19th summer as Director.  The budget was $151,000 and the endowment $177,000.  That summer was an oasis of fun, but really “a calm-before-the-storm” given the external forces that were about to emerge with the Vietnam War and the call for civil rights.  This Dudley moment in history served to remind the Board, Directors and staff that even when everything is in alignment, it is important to expect the unexpected.

The Directors’ reported on the success of the Open House trail, the number one way to recruit, and excitement celebrating Mollie Farnham’s and Josh Olcott’s one year anniversary on the Dudley year-round team.  Dudley has a new member of the year-round team, Colin Loher, who will lead the outdoor program at Dudley and work collaboratively with Mollie as they both grow and further develop this program.  Colin is a professional in the outdoor world with an experienced skill set, which we expect to be a tremendous asset.  Matt and Marnie reported on the progress being made hiring the summer staff and leaders for the coming 2015 Summer, the work being completed now that Camp has disaffiliated from the Y – like removing all logos from the buses — and of all the off-season activities occurring on both sides of the Lake; including the successful Kiniya Tea, Leaders Luncheon, Kiniya hosted the Vermont Camping Association (VCA) meeting and a winter AL overnight in the high peaks.  In addition, Matt and Marnie reported on their attendance, along with Matt Quigley, at the Camp Consortium held at Becket Chimney Corners, which continues to be an extremely useful way to learn “best practices” from other leading camps akin to us.  Eleven of the year-round staff are extremely excited for their upcoming leadership development training program at NOLS this March.  This is a wonderful opportunity for our year-round staff and a great experience to share with many of the Dudley and Kiniya Leaders.  55 of the current leader applicant pool – aides through leaders – have now been trained by NOLS.  Summer 2015 is shaping up to look like another “best-ever” summer with the 55th year since Dudley first affiliated with Camp Abbensen — the German Exchange program, 3 NOLS trips scheduled (2 all boys and 1 all girls) and the possibility of a 4th co-ed trip, and a pilot program coed-trip to Madrid, Spain with Camp Priego.    The Directors’ Report ended with their goals for the coming year, which include: communication and transparency throughout the greater Dudley community, complete and disseminate the Strategic 2020 Vision Statement, communicate and integrate the Sustainability Statement, and successfully launch the Spain pilot program.


The Board and Directors also discussed the need for an In-Season Camp Visitation Policy, which will be implemented by both Camps this year and posted on the website in the coming months.    The Board reviewed the Master Site Plan and fundraising considerations.  The goal is to have more detailed plans for the May meeting of the BOT.  The Strategic Planning Committee is finalizing the Vision Statement, which is slated for final publication in April 2015.  The Board is working with an outside consultant, The Jane Group, to proactively review and update Camp’s current policies and procedures, assess and prepare for standard and non-standard risks, including things like reputational risks, crisis management, and infectious agents.  Dave Langston, our fabulous Development Director, reported on another explosive annual giving year and the establishment of a new alumni networking tool – the EverTrue App, which can be downloaded on any mobile device or tablet to help alumni connect with and locate former campers.  The app holds great promise and gives lots of momentum to our Lost Sheep initiative.  The Legal Committee reported on the progress being made with the Y disaffiliation and the Board unanimously approved amendments to all of the corporate documents to revise the purposes clause and remove all references to the YMCA.  In addition, the Board unanimously approved a resolution to discontinue participation in the YMCA Retirement Fund as Dudley will have its own 403(b) Retirement Plan for full-time employees, and unanimously approved the 2015 budget.  The Finance Committee reported on the financial health of the Camps and is pleased with the new auditors, which have the capability to provide online support services to Camp. The CDA reported that it is assessing its role and looking to increase its responsibilities now that we are in a two-camp era and have greater desire and momentum to find our “lost sheep” alumni.


Lastly, after the BOT meeting the Camp Dudley Foundation (CDF) met for their second time.  The CDF discussed the importance of stewardship and building a strong foundation as the entity becomes established.  It was unanimously passed by the CDF to elect Karen Ramsey as Treasurer and Whitney Phelps as Secretary.  In addition, the CDF voted to create an Investment Committee that will be guided by an Investment Policy for protecting and growing Camp’s long term assets.

November 2014 Board of Managers Meeting Notes

• 8 years ago • Alumni

At the invitation of Charlie Johnson III (#8252), the Board gathered for its November meeting at the U.S. Capitol Visitors Center, an august space to bid farewell to departing Board members: Anna Carter-Florence, Charlie Johnson IV, Chris Perry, Dennis Ryan and Pete Treiber.  The Board elected the following new Board members to replace this outgoing team: Pete Allen, Robin Bridges Johnson, Patrick Butler, Rich Maxwell, Sean McCalla, and Jay Wells.  Outgoing members, thank you for your devoted service!  Incoming members, congratulations!

Marnie and Matt shared that each stop on the 2014-15 Open House tour has gone exceptionally well so far.  They emphasized the invaluable connections during these visits with our community partners, and the kids who so benefit from the Dudley and Kiniya experience, such as Horton’s Kids in Washington, D.C., Pave Academy in Brooklyn, and the Rotary in Baltimore.  Evan George is doing a terrific job overseeing the administration of these community partnerships.  All of the community partnerships have emanated from alumni involved in those local programs.  Both campuses have been busy since the summer season with extensive campus use for special events and community gatherings.  The good will and relationships strengthened along the way by these events are beneficial to both camps, driven by the year-round staff who spearhead the activities.  Among other off-season activities under consideration is a NOLS trip for Dudley/Kiniya staff in early spring, with work underway in collaboration with NOLS leadership to design a curriculum for this special opportunity.


In order to implement the provisions of the recently-enacted New York State Not-for-Profit Revitalization Act – which is designed to reform the statutory requirements for governance of nonprofit organizations – the Board adopted a series of changes to Camp Dudley’s by-laws, as well as a new Whistleblower policy for the two camps.  Also discussed was a survey of Dudley’s annual average endowment performance over three time horizons, as managed by outside investment advisor, Commonfund, reflecting: 11.86% growth over one year; 13.55% over three years; and 9.71% over five years, comparing very favorably with other not-for-profit portfolios.  And the Board unanimously adopted a new Statement on Inclusion, which reads as follows:


Camp Dudley and Camp Kiniya believe in inclusion for all individuals regardless of their economic, ethnic, geographic, racial, religious, sexual or social group.  We believe that every member of our community is unique and that the respect for all individuals is the foundation of our culture.  We believe that our Camps have a responsibility to create an inclusive, caring and welcoming environment that allows young men and young women to reach their full potential, preparing them to lead successful lives.


The 2020 Vision strategic planning document will be finalized by the late January 2015 Board meeting and is scheduled to be communicated and distributed to the Dudley/Kiniya Community by the end of March.

August 2014 Board of Managers Meeting Notes

• 8 years ago • Alumni

Matt and Marnie opened the meeting as follows: “We sit here with tremendous pride in a very successful summer.  The flowers in the room were planted from seedlings in February by Kiniya Mothers and Daughters; the tee shirts reading “I Love the Dudley” were prevalent among the Leaders and Staff at Dudley this summer; and the honey (distributed in jars to each Board member) was harvested by the bee keeper in the new Kiniya garden.”  At Kiniya, Marnie reported that successfully executing the challenge course program was especially gratifying, as was transforming the former horse barn into the Outdoor Program Center.  Repurposing funds previously dedicated to the riding program allowed for substantial investment in other program areas, including funding four new sail boats, stand-up paddle boards, a new piano and sound equipment.  At Dudley, the new Middlebury Pavilion was a huge success, used every day for a variety of activities and events: gospel choir practice, an evening movie, council rings, speakers, final Vespers, and an all-camp sunset yoga class.  It was also a tremendous place for the boys to congregate and to be unscheduled.  50 women came through the Kiniya Leadership ranks this summer, and all were very strong.  At Dudley, there were 23 first-time Leaders, as part of an expected cycle where the Leadership team will be comprised of new, younger Leaders certain summers.  We have “raised the bar” on what it means and takes to be a responsible Leader at our camps, and the Leaders have been up to the task.  It’s considered “very cool” to be a Leader at our two camps.  Both campuses reflected inclusion and embracing a diversity of backgrounds, racial and otherwise, as the numbers of non-white members of Dudley and Kiniya communities continue to increase.

The new Kiniya garden and local farm sourcing programs were a huge success, featuring increasing supplies of home or locally-grown food.  Kiniya’s and Dudley’s Food Service Directors, Gayle Coleman and Josh Olcott, did an amazing job serving healthy and delicious food in sufficient quantities, while navigating the growing number of food allergies at both camps.  The Food Service program reflected The Other Fellow First at every turn.  There were no significant health or safety events at either campus this summer, and Kiniya’s Outdoor Program Director, Mollie Farnham (also a licensed clinical social worker), provided counseling services to members of the Kiniya community from campers to Staff.


The endowment total is $9.6 million as of June 30, with investments allocated 68% equity (including 4.5% in commodities) and 32% in fixed income, and a year-to-date performance of just over 6%.  Total gifts to the annual fund are up by 119 donors in 2014 compared to the same time last year.  Although the annual gift size is lower, as is total annual giving (attributable to significant, unexpected gifts in 2013), the annual fund will hit its $800,000 goal for 2014.  Annual giving this year is likely to include over $9,000 donated from a significant majority of the members of the summer Leadership and Staff teams.  Finally, of the 16 living Board Chairs, 13 will be attending a “Chairman’s Council” retreat with Matt, Marnie and the Executive Committee of the Board at West Point in September to discuss, among other topics: Camp Dudley at Kiniya eight years later; the 2020 Vision strategic plan; risks of a non-standard nature; and the alumni experience.

May 2014 Board of Managers Meeting Notes

• 8 years ago • Alumni

Marnie and Matt expressed excitement for the 1,000 campers who would be attending Camp Dudley and Camp Kiniya during the upcoming 2014 summer season.  Kiniya community members will experience a spectacular new outdoor program area, featuring a new challenge course (with high and low ropes elements, a climbing wall, giant swing and zip line); a Kiniya outdoor barn (KOB) renovated by the staff and repurposed to house the tripping and other components of the outdoor program ; and a new outdoor garden area for Kiniya’s farm-to-plate program.  Kiniya’s Outdoor Director Mollie Farnham #22406 hosted the Board for a tour of the new program area and announced the new Staff team who would be leading it.  Members of the Dudley community in Westport will see and experience for the first time the new Middlebury Pavilion, conceived, funded, and built by generous and talented members of the Dudley family, as well as a new solar array on the Dining Hall that will ultimately achieve a key sustainability objective of net zero energy use in Dudley’s most energy-intensive building during the summer season.

The Directors also provided an update on scholarships, 50% of the budgeted amount of which supports diverse candidates.  Matt and Marnie reported an average 79% retention rate for minority campers across our two camps, reinforced by a new liaison program in which alumni serve as essential off-season links to campers and families in local communities.  Akin to the Depreciation Reserve Account, Dudley and Kiniya have also established a Scholarship Reserve Account that will allow camp leadership flexibility to reach for scholarship assistance at times of lower revenues during the budget year, and the longer-term goal of growing the account to a level equal to the average total of the scholarship awards for the prior three years.

The Board and staff reviewed a key initiative of identifying “lost sheep,” among the relatively large cross-section of the alumni network who are not currently connected to Dudley or Kiniya and increasing the level of involvement of alumni in Camp Dudley and Kiniya today.  Among the recommendations for doing so are: digitizing the alumni records; doubling the number of alumni with whom Dudley and Kiniya communicate; personalizing communications with lost sheep; structuring alumni to more efficiently organize themselves (e.g., into chapters); and continuing to publish archival information and to utilize social media to connect with alumni.


The Board also reviewed an updated version of the Kiniya Master Site Plan, which outlines a series of potential renovations and adjustments to the Kiniya campus in Colchester.  The Breadloaf Corporation, which designed and built the new Senior Bath House on main campus at Kiniya, has created the Master Site Plan with input from Staff and the Board, and will incorporate additional feedback to be included in a Phase II planning document to be presented to the Board in November.  The Board also reviewed an outline of 2020 Vision, the strategic plan for Camps Dudley and Kiniya that will be presented to the Board for review at the November 2014 meeting.  2020 Vision examines our current mission, core values and expectations, as illustrated by and substantiated through feedback from our camp family, with the underlying purpose of enhancing the experience of Kiniya and Dudley campers and members of our broader camp family.


2014 CDA Man of the Year, #7987 Dr. Richard Edie

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A big congratulations to the 2014 CDA Man of the Year #7987 Dr. Richard Edie! #5616 Eddie Card, #7314 Don Stevenson and sons, #11977 Jonathan and #11762 Rick said words on behalf of “Dr. Dick’s” years of service to Camp.

CDA President Marcus Chioffi announced the following at the 2014 CDA Weekend.

“The one of the greatest honors of being involved with leading the Camp Dudley Association is the deliberation and selection of our highest honor, The Man or Person of the Year Award.

This year the selection goes to a longstanding and deserving recipient.  Our 2014 Man of the year first entered these gates as a junior in Huron Lodge in 1950. He quickly distinguished himself on the junior diamond for “Mickeys North Boys”.

His role models for leadership were some of our most renowned:  In 1952, he was the aide in Willie’s cabin (Columbia), with Don Stevenson the as the JL.  In 1953, he was the JL in Cutler, this time with Don Stevenson as the leader.  The cabin motto that year was, “Leader and JL never up till the breakfast bell.”

As a leader in the Junior Division from 1955 to 1957, he was an inspirational cabin leader — and in the days when Sunday Leaders Baseball was the Main event, he thrilled spectating campers with home runs launched deep into the tall grass of the senior diamond.

He received his BA from Princeton and served as the captain of the baseball team in 1959.  He then earned his MD from Columbia University in 1965.

He returned to Dudley in the late 70s, he served as one of the first two-week volunteer camp doctors and later served one term on the Board of Trustees from 1979 to 1984.

Many of our Boston-area alumni will remember him and his wife, Linda, as the long-time hosts of the Boston Reunions (now called Open Houses).

In his professional life, our 2014 man of the year has put the Other Fellow First into practice on a daily basis as a physician, cardiac surgeon, and professor at some of the countries top teaching hospitals.

On behalf of the Camp Dudley Association, I am proud to announce that the 2014 Man of the Year is #7987 Dr. Richard (Dick) Edie

For more pictures of the ceremony and the CDA Reunion click here.

Dudley Featured in Juniper Hills Farm Newsletter

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Adam Hainer, #16136 of Juniper Hill Farms has been a leader in the local food movement in the Adirondacks. He recently featured Camp Dudley in his newsletter as one of the businesses that he supplies.

Matt and Adam at Dudley

Matt and Adam at Dudley

“Camp Dudley in Westport NY is a summer camp steeped in years of tradition, 130 to be exact. Now in his fifth year as Camp Director, Matt Storey grew up spending summers there as a boy. He also had a strong connection to gardening as his family founded and owned Storey Books, the farm and gardening publishing company originally based in Vermont. When Matt came to the camp he felt strongly about doing things right, and was frustrated at the roadblocks in the camp’s purchasing regulations to buying local. This prompted a drastic move two years ago to switch from a complete on-site food service to the camp sourcing locally grown food as much as possible and making the food themselves. With the help of Adirondack Harvest, Matt met Adam, a former camper himself, and it was a perfect fit.


“When your food budget is as big as ours, and you decide to buy local, you can really make a difference,” said Storey. It may not always be easy to make growing boys eat their veggies, but the camp can feel great about where those veggies and meats are coming from. Buying from Juniper Hill Farm, and other local farms, is just part of the camp’s sustainable outlook. They have their own garden that is tended by the campers, and it feeds the staff on a regular basis. Campers can choose “Farm to Plate” as their “major” while at camp, and recent creations range from pesto to strawberry shortcake. The campers see the cycle of how the camp provides hay to a local farm, which turns around and supplies the camp with its grass fed beef. The staff and camp leaders fully support the move toward sustainability, and they can be sure it will make a lasting impression on generations of campers to come.”

Week 3 in Pictures…

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From great team competitions on the playing field to solid performances in the theater… we have been treated to some amazing times this past week at camp. Here are a little over 500 new pictures to showcase all of the action!


Athletics at Camp Dudley

• 8 years ago • Alumni


Amid all the excitement of World Cup fever, the Athletics Department has gotten off to a hot start with a full slate of competitions already in the books this session. Team games began last Thursday, and boys received sport-specific instruction in their first session of Team Majors on Saturday. Senior and Junior teams have battled it out in soccer, flag football and lacrosse (among other team sports), while the Cubs and Plebes have enjoyed intra-divisional games in baseball, basketball, and floor hockey (in our new outdoor floor hockey playing space). Our Individual Majors program has also started, with strong turnouts from the boys at archery and riflery. 

Even though the weather has been sticky early this week, the coaching and the energy level from our athletes has been excellent. We’re fired up about the prospects of a great first session!

#12228 Rob Campbell stars in the Tony Award Winning ‘All the Way’

• 8 years ago • Alumni


#12228 Rob Campbell has taken his talents from Witherbee Hall to the bright lights of Broadway! Rob spent his first year at Dudley in 1977 as a Plebe in Huron Cabin and progressed through the camper and leadership ranks. Davo reflects that “Rob was a Schmidt brother & Henry Timm favorite in the hall.” The picture above shows Rob playing a female television reporter in the 1984 Big Show, Gamines.

You can catch the Yale School of Drama graduate, Campbell in the Tony Award Winning, “All the Way” at the Neil Simon Theatre now. Congrats, Rob!

Camp Dudley & Kiniya Chapel Speakers – Summer 2014

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2014 Camp Dudley Chapel Speakers

6.29  Dwight Vicks
7.06  #8498 Judson Phelps
7.13  Father Francis Flynn
7.20  #11584 Rev. Peter Allen
7.27  #10846 Rev. Bob Langston
8.03  Jane Swift
8.10  #12787 Rev. Gordie McClellan
8.17  # 12644 Jon Crowder
8.24  #12495 Fanning Hearon (CDA Reunion)


2014 Camp Kiniya Chapel Speakers

6.29  Joan Miller
7.06  #14002 Jenn Gillis
7.13  #12664 Ted Smith
7.27  #23222 Donna Granfors
8.03  JB Loveland
8.10  #19976 Holly Kennedy


The Lost Sheep Campaign

• 8 years ago • Alumni

usm-sheep-againWe have had good success finding a number “lost sheep” after the Spring CD News featured a three page article about why it so important to stay in touch with camp.  #15932 Charlie Zabriskie, once a lost sheep himself, authored a wonderful story about the realities of how easy it is to get disconnected. He also offers some great advice about how everyone can get in the act of reconnecting “lost sheep.”  Please enjoy Charlie’s article here and the help us reconnect some more of our “lost sheep” and don’t forget to contact Dave@campdudley.org or Dawn@campdudley.org to report a lost sheep!

2014 Work Weekend Recap

• 8 years ago • Alumni

workweekendThis past weekend Camp Dudley and Kiniya opened its gates to a great group of alums and local friends for Work Weekend 2014!

Highlights from Dudley included the construction of a new Floor Hockey and Bench Ball court! A group also visited the ropes course to put down a fresh layer of wood chips as well. The projects didn’t stop there, painting, staining and other small construction projects could be seen all over the Dudley Campus.

Meanwhile over at Kiniya our skilled workers were taken to task on a brand new deck around Bungalow! Other projects includes path clearing within our new low ropes course, as well as painting & construction work at the barn. The new Kiniya Garden also had some fence work done. What a day!

Special thanks to Josh and Gail for providing us with great food to keep us energized throughout the weekend. Also a big yoha to the Van Vranken family for the donated hockey sticks!

To see more pictures from the weekend click here.

Small World Update: Camp Dudley Hat Spotted in West Africa!

• 8 years ago • Alumni

web-kelly-daleKiniya alum #21883 Kelly Dale posted this incredible update late last night from West Africa. Kelly is currently working out of Bodi, Benin with the Peace Corps and spotted something very familiar on a taxi drivers hat… our very own Dudley logo!

I seriously freaked out when I saw it then had to spend like 10 minutes explaining what a summer camp was. Basically he is a moto taxi driver in my village who claims to have bought the hat at the market in the next village which has a pretty sizable area for worn and donated western style clothes. My guess is a kind dudley alum donated to salvation army and over the years it traveled thousands of miles to a remote part of Benin!

Thanks for sharing, Kelly. We look forward to having you back in the States soon!

We’re on Instagram!

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Follow Camp Dudley on Instagram! With our 130th summer being just around the corner this is another great way to keep up with the day-to-day action here at Dudley.



Beckman to be powered by the sun

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img_5403 copyWe are all very excited to be closing in on Dudley’s first large scale renewable energy project. As of today, the mounting brackets are all installed on the roof, and a handful of the solar panels are in place.  Estimated to be complete by May, next summer’s incoming campers and parents will be treated to a shiny new view of the south side of the Beckman roof. The solar array will consist of approximately 100 panels, with the capacity to create enough electricity to offset almost ½ of our current annual use in Beckman. Between the energy we create, and a handful of energy efficiency changes in the kitchen over the next few years, we’ll hope to reach our goal of making the dining hall a “zero energy building”, which is a building that creates roughly the same amount of energy that is consumes annually. 

To see more of the project click here.

2013 AL Winter Leadership Trip Recap

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Just before the start of the New Year ten perspective leaders, led by Dylan Pollock # 17676 and Marlon Fisher # 16119, began a six day leadership expedition. The group was based out of a winterized yurt in Stacy Wilderness. To start out, the group assisted local non-profit organization called Champlain Area Trails, in creating some local trails between Westport and Essex. More highlights included ice climbing at ADK Rock and River’s private ice park and a two day hike in the JBL region where they summited  Lower Wolfjaw Mountain. This section of the trip also included an overnight at the Peggy O’Brian cabin. It was a chance to spend time with friends while developing leadership skills during the holiday times. All and all, it was an incredible trip. Check out more pictures right here!

Dylan & Marlon


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