Dudley & Kiniya

Dudley & Kiniya

The Kiniya Lingo

Here is some lingo to help you get ready for your summer at Kiniya!

Camp Number: Every camper that comes through the gates receives their own unique number when they get accepted to Dudley and Kiniya. Never forget that number, as people will ask you “What’s Your Number” everywhere you go. We are over 24,000 at this point!

YOHA: This means you are happy and someone did something you like. Just clap your hands up over your head, fingertips pointed up to the sky!

The Kiniya Cheer: 0-5446 / Morning dips, HEY! Kiwi discs / Say, Kiniya, rise and shine / Meet, out in the pines / Cross many miles, see the smiles / Girls, to waterski, riding, Woo! / White and blue, forever true / Dudley, at Kiniya / Taps!

‘Neath the Pines: ‘Neath the pines over Champlain’s waters, Lies a spirit strong and kind, Girls whose hearts are full and loyal, Find themselves at home / Watch the sun setting o’er the mountains, Listen for our brothers’ song, Feel the calm when the day is over, Find yourself at home / If you find you’re far away from, Kiniya girls who hold you dear, Close your eyes hear the soft, sweet whisper, Beckons us home, beckons us home, beckons us home to its shores.

Sunday Night Hymn Sing: A revered tradition of singing as an entire camp in the theater.

Saturday Night Show: A dramatic and musical performance by campers, leaders and staff.

Wednesday Night Shows: Talent show with funny skits, which always include an episode of the Leaders Cereal and Slideshow.

Council Ring: By division, this evening activity includes a campfire, skits, songs, costumes, stories and more!

Kiwi: Any member of our community who returns for their fourth summer becomes a Kiwi and receives special recognition at our Kiwi celebrations.

The Bell: Is sounded 30 minutes and 15 minutes before each meal. On the third bell, everyone enters the Dining Hall.

Extravaganza: Elaborate events created by Leaders, usually done by division.

The Spirit: The annual yearbook given to each camper around the Holidays to commemorate the summer.

Inspection: Campus wide daily cleaning of cabin and campus directly after breakfast.

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