Dudley & Kiniya

Dudley & Kiniya

Our Team

We are fortunate to have a team of camping professionals in place to guide our two camps. While there is always a lot of work to be done, we pride ourselves on having fun while doing it! Our team is supported broadly by the Camp Dudley Board of Trustess who meet with the senior staff quarterly to keep all things on track. We’ve listed our entire team below, along with their first year of year round employment. Click on each to find out more.


Matt Storey

Director, Camp Dudley (2009)

Marnie McDonagh

Director, Camp Kiniya (1994)

Administrative Staff

Jesse Smith

Assistant Business Manager

Fred Guffey

Business Manager (1998)

Mark Davenport

Arts Director (2000)

Kat Nelson

Leadership Development Director (2009)

Evan George

Leadership, Program & Admissions Director (2012)

Dave Langston

Development Director (2013)

Dawn Gay

Database & Operations Manager (2005)

Brendan Loughman

Communications Manager (2011)

Anita Johnson

Office Staff (2015)

Mollie Farnham-Stratton

Outdoor Education Director at Kiniya & Clinical Social Worker (2014)

Kiniya Staff

Tom Brayden

Kiniya Director of Operations and Sustainability (2016)

Gail Coleman

Kiniya Food Service Director (2012)

Angie Hill

Kiniya Facilities (2011)

Dudley Staff

Kristy Napper


Steve Denton

Dudley Plant & Property Manager (2009)

Jeff Schwoebel

Foreman (2011)

Ben Sudduth

Dudley Facilities (1989)

John Tompkins

Dudley Facilities (2012)

Scott Farrell

Dudley Facilities (2014)

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