Dudley & Kiniya

Dudley & Kiniya

Our Community Partners

Dudley & Kiniya work closely with several organizations throughout the country…schools, after-school programs, and direct service groups…that we call Community Partners.

Our Community Partners are aligned with our mission so a camper coming through one of these partnerships is living our motto “the other fellow first” year-round, which further enhances their leadership and character development. Some of these partnerships are only a few years old, but others are long-standing, like Baltimore Rotary, which has been working with us for over 25 years.

Community Partners help make a Dudley & Kiniya experience even more accessible by helping us reach an even broader spectrum of communities.

Community Partners…
  • Identify deserving young people
  • Help support them through the application process
  • Assist them with preparations for a summer on Lake Champlain

In turn, Dudley & Kiniya commit to making a summer at camp affordable for these families by granting need-based scholarship.

In addition, through our new Alumni Liaison Program, we connect the families and Community Partners with our most significant resource…our alumni. Through this program local alumni act as a support network by serving as mentors and assisting families in preparing for the summer.

Our Current Community Partners

Interested in learning more about our Community Partnerships or the Alumni Liaison Program? Please contact Evan George, our Admissions & Program Director, at evan@campdudley.org.

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