Dudley & Kiniya

Dudley & Kiniya

2019 Spirit Dedication – #21054 Kissy Rowley

Brendan • 3 years ago • Announcements


When Kissy Rowley first set foot on campus in 2008, we knew we had found someone special! Having dedicated much of her life to education and athletics, she joined our A-Hut as a first-time staff member that year and jumped right in. Eager to learn about our traditions and history, as well as the structure and program throughout Camp, she entered every conversation and meeting with enthusiasm and a willingness to learn.

Deeply loyal and dedicated, Kissy has always taken tremendous pride in her work. For 9 consecutive summers, Kissy returned to Kiniya devoted to her role in Athletics. She intentionally provided guidance and feedback to coaches and refs and offered new ideas about programs she thought would bring value to the girls. She was proud to spear-head the launch of the Kiniya Golf Major and has continued to guide and shape the program ever since.

With 9 years of success at Camp behind her, Kissy was invited to join the year-round team as a full-time employee in 2017. She joyfully accepted the invitation and has continued to apply her knowledge of program, building the bridge between our maintenance team and our our activity staff.

Kissy’s work here has always been framed by the deep and genuine care and support that she extends to every member of our community. She embodies the spirit of the other fellow first in all the conversations she has with campers, leaders and staff alike. She is simply uplifting to talk to. Her presence is noted as a force of kindness wherever she is on campus (which is many places!)

Her work ethic and dedication are exceptional. She truly sees the little things – details that are sometimes easily overlooked. Her care and attention to the smaller details are noticed and appreciated! Kissy contributes tirelessly to enhancing the structures and grounds on campus; happily tending to the gardens each pre-season, pruning, weeding and maintaining the ponds at the Sanctuary and taking on a wide variety of projects to make Kiniya even more beautiful!

Kissy is an excellent collaborator, working well with all people. Her attitude is a pleasure to be around. She is always willing to take on whatever is asked of her and she consistently does so with enthusiasm and a smile! This is a wonderful quality that we all aspire to emulate!

Above all, Kissy is a supportive constant in all of our daily lives and is a constant role model and mentor to all.

For these reasons and so many more, we are extremely proud to dedicate the 2019 Spirit to #21054 Kissy Rowley.

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