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#7973 Tim Barnett Extended News and Note

Brendan • 4 years ago • Uncategorized

#7973 Tim Barnett, Saratoga Springs, NY, wrote to Matt recently regarding their Dudley family history that dates back to 1919. “Hi Matt, the Barnett’s are a three-generation approaching the fourth generation Dudley family. As such, we have a collection of Camp Dudley memorabilia. First there is the Dudley beanie. The second relic is the Dudley hat. Inside are the nametags from all the Barnett’s who have attended Camp Dudley to date. (see list below). The hats are nearly a century old. Finally, we have a collection of letters home by our father while at camp. I’m sure Camp can take credit that the exercise of young Lincoln writing home from Camp Dudley is what inspired and prepared him for his journalistic career. Our father #3550 Lincoln was born in 1909; his first year probably was 1919. He was followed by #7973 Tim Barnett (Buckles), #9676 Robby Barnett, #13550 Ian Barnett, #14550 Ned Barnett and #16476 Isaac Barnett.”  Ed. Note: As we go to press, young Toby Barnett’s application is in for the summer of 2019, when he will be a Cub. Below is an excerpt from a letter home, in July of 1924:

“Dear Mother and Father: Some day or other — I forget which, I passed nature. We had to know and describe 25 trees, 25 flowers and 25 birds. I passed it the first day. I was the only one who passed all 75. The rest had to come back the next day. All these things had to be around camp. You couldn’t name a redwood tree, a tea rose or a penguin. They all had to be specimens that were, and could be seen around camp. Yesterday I went out for instruction in woodcraft for the flag. We had instructions in fire making, cooking, reading the compass, use of a map with contour lines, use of axe, use of knife, 6 knots, hiking equipment. Today I take a test on what I was supposed to have absorbed yesterday.” Linc Barnett graduated from the Columbia University School of Journalism and had a career at The New York Herald Tribune, Life Magazine and Time Life Books.

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