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Dudley & Kiniya

February 2018 Meeting Notes

mstorey • 4 years ago • Announcements

On February 2, 2018, the Board met in Westport, NY. Matt Quigley welcomed the new Board members to the Board table. Matt and Marnie reported on a new host for a New Jersey Open House. The Kiniya Tea was the biggest ever with many young alums. Matt updated the Board on recent economic development in the Westport Community (Rolling Hills Farm (timeshare), Ledge Hill Brewing, new Coffee Shop and a new direct flight between DC and Plattsburgh). Marnie reported on her Vermont Camp Association meeting where she was joined by Kathy Wiseman and Kat Nelson and the meetings focus on issues of cultural competency and social justice.

Matt and Marnie reported on the “off campus programs” for the coming Summer (e.g., Camp Abbensen is coming to Dudley and Kiniya, group going to Spain, and there are 4 Nols trips). Kat Nelson and Evan George reported on the Leaders for the Summer and that both Camps had more applicants than spots. The Board discussed the need to focus on diversity when recruiting for Leaders and campers.

Marnie reported on the new Kiniya Lodge and showed construction pictures. Marnie discussed the permitting and zoning challenges with the Williams Property and the plans to move forward as a single family home. She also reported on the annual capital improvements at Kiniya including, Bungalow bathroom, path and stairs from the dining hall to the beach, garden work, running fiber to Coleman, the maintenance shop, and the Lodge, and an in-house remodel of staff cabins with new windows and doors, improvements to the Leadership Hut and a new rescue boat for the waterfront.

Camp is offering a new “mental health first aide training” to full-time Staff to cover topics like vaping, Juul and the Metoo# movement. The Board also discussed the impact on our larger community and that Camp is an open door to our Leaders as they confront various societal issues. Matt and Marnie reviewed with the Board the Employee Training Manual and Employee Handbook. They read the Harassment and Bullying Policy and Equal Opportunity Policy Statement out loud to the Board, which all Staff acknowledges upon employment. It is now a requirement for all parents and campers to sign the Code of Conduct.

The Board Development and Nominations Committee reported on the Board survey and the key areas of improvement, including a focus on diversity, tackling societal issues impacting our community, committee reports, Director and Chair succession, risk assessment, and Board engagement and training.

The Development Committee reported on the 2017 annual giving goal and noting that while Camp fell short of its goal this was not unexpected given the focus on Scholarship as part of the BFTF Campaign. Dave Langston also noted that the number of gifts and donors is at an all-time high, but the average gift is slightly down. The 2018 Annual Giving goal is $850K with an intent to target parents, increase evergreen Donors, and monthly email engagement. The Committee discussed ways to capitalize on matching corporate gifts with an educational mission.

Mike Bransford, on behalf of the Finance Committee, reported that the Finance, Executive, and Audit Committees will be looking at the depreciation reserve and the categorization of expenses with a new subcommittee. Marnie and Fred discussed the Kiniya tax bill and ways to try to keep the improvement cost impact down.

The Finance Committee presented the 2018 Budget to the Board with a recommendation for approval, which was approved by the Board

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