Dudley & Kiniya

Dudley & Kiniya

That’s a Wrap on Gap!

Brendan • 5 years ago • Uncategorized

As temperatures started to drop in the Adirondacks, the Dudley Gap Program flocked south to The Bahamas for our final expedition. The Dudley Gappers were joined by wonderful staff and alumni, including #18754 Connor Smith, #19524 Dawn Gay, and #14962 Josh Olcott. We spent a few exciting days at The Island School, where we learned about marine biology, sustainability, and farming in different environments. After freediving lessons, shark-tagging, and immersive work with The Island School’s sustainable systems, we were lucky enough to spend some with our Community Partners at the Deep Creek Middle School, home to many Dudley and Kiniya alumni.

To kick off the second half of our expedition, Dudley alum and current Island School teacher #19130 Caleb Florence brought us to one of Eleuthera’s pristine beaches along the atlantic coast, where we learned how to beach camp in this incredible setting. After heading to the northern portion of the island, we stopped in to see our friends at Island Farm–an inspiring organic farm, owned and operated by the family of #23582 Sim Bethel. We also toured the brand new Centre for Ocean Research and Education with its founder, Dr. Owen O’Shea. This new research center empowers young people to get involved in ocean conservation and marine studies, alongside world-class scientists and explorers.

When our Bahamian expedition came to a close, we were sad to leave, but eager to return home to finish up our program here in Westport. For our closing ceremonies, the Gappers hosted a dinner for the community that supported us throughout the journey. The Gappers planned, welcomed, and cooked for nearly 40 people, and we could not have asked for a better send-off! Thanks to all that joined and supported us along the way.  


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