Dudley & Kiniya

Dudley & Kiniya

November 2017 Meeting Notes

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The Board met on Friday, November 3, 2017 at the Renaissance Westchester Hotel for its annual meeting. The meeting started off with old video footage from both Camps (Kiniya 1938 and Dudley summer 1920). This was followed by the two Directors reporting to the Board using the Vision Statement as their guide to keep focused on our Motto, Mission, and Program Pillars.

Matt and Fred reported on the Gap program, the excursions taken, and the benefits of the mixed-age multi-generational experience. Fred provided a program level budget and financial picture to the Board. Information on the Gap program can be found at Dudleygap.blogspot.com. The Directors discussed their coaching and modeling of appropriate behavior as role models for conducting oneself within safe settings that positively impact personal and professional relationships. Matt introduced Jesse Smith, the new Assistant Business Manager, to assist Fred with finances and accounting. Marnie reported on the progress of the Lodge construction and the likelihood that the project will be built on time and under the $1.75MM budget. Marnie continues to work on re-designing the Alumni and Leadership Center. Marnie reported on the plans for Kiniya’s 100th anniversary celebration and encouraged the Board and Dudley alum to participate in the Saturday family picnic and party Saturday night with Friday night being a special time for the “pre-Dudley” Kiniya alums.

The Finance Committee led by Mike Bransford reported on the goal to pay off Camp’s debt by the end of the Building For The Future (“BFTF”) Campaign. Mike reviewed the financials and Fred identified a few items of note. Mike (as Treasurer of the Foundation) gave the annual update on the Endowment funds and the draw that was taken from the Foundation. Caroline Deans reported on the 403(b) Plan and Camp’s role as the Plan Sponsor and the use of the vendors that help administer the plan.

The Health Risk Management and Safety Committee, led by Kathy Wiseman, talked about teen anxiety and the support that Camp is providing through Mollie Farnham (as a licensed social worker) and by encouraging a device-free environment. Kathy provided the Board with some education materials regarding transgender youth.

The Program Committee created a Subcommittee, Keeping Camp Affordable (“KCA”), to look at peer camps, private schools, and colleges to see how other institutions stay relevant and accessible.   The near term 2019 goal is to explore the ideas of tiered pricing, sliding scale fees, scholarship, sibling discounts, employee discounts, local area and other discounts, and financing options. The long-term goal (2035) is to explore how to reduce costs for families regardless of need and subsidize costs across the board (e.g., Brown University Promise).

Jack Kotz led a discussion about the spiritual program at Camp and the Board discussed the upcoming article in the CDA news, which allows alums to engage on the website as to each person’s experience on spirituality.

Dave Langston educated the Board about the “giving vehicles” available for 2017: tax deductibility options and the IRA Charitable Roll-Over Plan. He also discussed development now in comparison to 1978 and provided some stats on how the Development Program has grown. Lastly, he reported on the BFTF Campaign, which has risen over $8mm in pledges and of that received $4.8MM in cash.

The Board agreed to extend Matt Quigley as Board Chair and Whitney Phelps as Board Secretary for another year. The Board Development and Nomination Committee offered a slate of officers and acknowledged the need to look at Officer election earlier for 2019. The Board discussed the candidate options. Whitney reported that there was no excess benefit for any of the candidates under consideration. The Board proceeded to conduct a secret vote using the official ballot for the open seats. The Board voted the following to the Class of 2022:

Whitney Phelps
Matthew Quigley
Diane Calello
Leslee MacKenzie

John Ulin was appointed Assistant Secretary to assist in preparing the meeting minutes and also it was recommended that he join the Special Board Committee. Caroline Deans was voted as an Ad Hoc member of the Executive Committee.

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