Dudley & Kiniya

Dudley & Kiniya

August 2017 Meeting Notes

mstorey • 5 years ago • Announcements

On August 25, 2017, Q welcomed the Board of Trustees to Camp Dudley after the 133rd summer. Q acknowledged all of the hard work being done at the Committee level and thanked all of the Board members that visited Camp in-season. After Pat Butler’s thoughtful invocation, the following Board Committees made reports:

  • Health, Risk, Management and Safety reviewed the Kiniya Camper Report and the Camp Dudley Infirmary Health & Safety Report for 2017. The Committee also reported on how fabulous and helpful the new CampDocs software has been. Marnie reported on the improved water quality at Kiniya.
  • The Finance Committee reported on the financial health of the Camps and that the income and expenses were in line with the approved budget. The Treasurer also advised the Board about the new Finance calendar and electronic system to store key financial information. The Defined Contribution Retirement Plan (403(b) Plan) also was reviewed.
  • The Audit Committee reported on the filing of the Form 990 and Audit and tasked each Board Member and key staff to complete and return the Conflict of Interest Questionnaire.
  • The Board Development and Nominations Committee reported on the skills and expertise that will be needed in the next two years given the talent of the Board members that will be rolling off.
  • The Development Committee reported on the Annual Fund, the kick-off of the Building for the Future (BFTF) Capital Campaign to raise $10MM. Camp has already raised $7.5MM in pledges and has $4.5MM in cash and announced the new webpage — campdudly.org/future – with pledge forms, pictures, and other ways to support the BFTF Capital Campaign.
  • The Camp Dudley Association (CDA) reported on the new slate of Officers and the selection process that includes Kiniya alumni for the first time. The CDA has created 2 VPs serving staggered terms. The new slate is: Peter Groves, President, Kari McKinley, First VP (to serve 4-year term) and Marlon Fisher, Second VP (to serve 2-year term).
  • The Directors reported separately on their respective summers since they have not been together since May.
    • The Highlights from Kiniya included: (i) the Coleman Dining Hall, which has created the highest ever level of interest and passion for Kiniya, (ii) the number of Staff with leadership experience now working at Camp; (iii) the caliber of the Kiniya Arts Program under the leadership of Hannah McPherson; (iv) the fulsome pre-season training; and (v) some changes for team competition and majors with more intentional coordination between the Program, Maintenance and Outdoor staff. Kiniya also had great Chapel speakers and an increase in the number of alumnae who came to Chapel on Sundays and for other visitors during the summer. Marnie reported on the Lodge construction, which commences with the demolition of the old studio building on Sept 5th. She also reported on the very early stage talks with respect to the design for the Leadership and Alumnae Center. Lastly, Marnie reported on the planning of Kiniya’s 100th Anniversary for the weekend of August 24-16,,
  • The highlights at Dudley, included: (i) the new Leadership Barn, which was a huge hit and used every day for Farm-to-Table, open mic nights with Marlon, Trivia night and the place to launch the Nols, Spain and Germany trips; (ii) the Challenge Course; (iii) the new dock system at Swim Point; (iv) extending AL and JL positions to larger numbers and rotating their jobs to include service projects around Camp, and (iv) new initiatives taken on by Jake Rutter in the Outdoors Program (e.g., divisional leadership at the woodpile, and a broadened range of options for Senior Trips, a Farm-to-Table trip, Sailing voyage and an Arts Program in Lake Placid).
  • Laura Kirschstein of T&M Protection Services, who was hired to conduct an external investigation as reported to the Community in a letter from the Board Chair dated November 30, 2016, reported to the Board on the status of the investigation.

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