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Dudley & Kiniya

May 2017 Board Meeting

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MAY 2017

The Camp Dudley Board of Trustees met May 6, 2017 in the new Dudley Leadership Barn. Matthew Quigley opened the meeting with a round of applause for Josh’s first meal christening the new building. The meeting followed a great day on Thursday at Kiniya for Board training and bonding.   The Directors and staff collectively reported on:

  • The professional development activities for the staff, including 3 ACA New England conferences that the Kiniya staff participated in, an all-staff weekend April 21-23 at Dudley – half business/half camaraderie. The Stewards of Children training (a Darkness to Light “train the trainer program” on preventing childhood sexual abuse) that now lets Camp staff train others in our community and the pre-season training for all Leaders and other staff in contact with campers.
  • The JL weekends, which for Kiniya focused on programing, leadership, development and fun and for Dudley focused on learning and identifying the soft skills that the Leaders develop from the job and getting the boys from the two different sessions to meet each other.
  • Highlights from the Enrollment Report Package. The total number of girls that applied was up significantly from last year – 397 total applications versus 371 in 2016! Marnie is confident that Kiniya can fill 2 additional cabins in the future! The wait list at Kiniya is strong and retention at both Camps is at 78%.
  • Evan gave a snapshot with respect to the diversity of the community at Camp for the upcoming season and the scholarships awarded. The campers come from 31 states. Within Kiniya, 20% identify as non-caucasian and at Dudley, 17% identify as non-caucasian. Evan highlighted the campers and Leaders coming from the Marshall Islands and the application of one person that applied to be a Leader who discussed how his diversity can benefit Camp and how Camp can benefit him. There was a discussion about the TADS scholarship application process to ensure it is not hindering applicants’ acceptance to Camp.
  • Matt and Marnie highlighted the key Staff and Leaders for the 2017 summer. There was a discussion about the importance of having the presence of the opposite sex on Campus, which is supported by the Gender in Education Research Study, which suggests that men and women are happier and healthier when they acknowledge and celebrate their respective gender differences, a male teacher of girls creates an important opportunity to interact with and build relationships with men outside the family leading to more successful transitions into the wider world and that male educators help girls learn how to interact with men. In fact, a lack of male educators can lead girls to fear men if they don’t know how to interact with men and girls develop their view of themselves through male role models (including their father). Matt discussed the importance of having terrific older and younger women at Dudley and that Dudley will not hire a woman in a Staff role unless she has been on her own for at least one year. He also described how Jess works with many of these women at Dudley.
  • Matt provided an update on the GAP program.
  • There was an update of the major projects at Kiniya and Dudley, which included:

at Kiniya, Clearing of trees ‘Neath the Pines and shoreline clearing; Water System treatment services to increase water quality; Resurfacing of the back tennis courts for tennis & basketball; Fiber optic; Homestead expansion; Lodge Update (shared final design and timeline); and 1281 design planning (high level concepts). At Dudley, Leadership Barn; Challenge Course; Swim point; New Avery roof; Fiber line and lights out to parking for parents.

  • The contingency plans in place for the Summer in the unfortunate and unlikely event that one of the Directors was pulled away unexpectedly during the Camp Summer season. Kiniya would continue under the direction of Mollie (parents, campers and employees), Kat (D-Heads, program, and schedule) and Tom (Operations, including maintenance and food service) with shared responsibilities. At Dudley the shared staffing would be Evan, Fu, Fred and Davo.

The Legal Committee provided a brief update on the investigation and walked through the Camp Dudley and Camp Dudley Foundation Accounts and Flow of Funds Guiding Principles document to finalize the process and guidance for how contributions and expenses get allocated between Camp and the Foundation.

The Finance and Audit Committee agreed to create a budget, audit, and finance committee calendar. Fred went over the snapshot of the combined Budget and Finances with nothing noteworthy. He reviewed the Balance Sheet of the combined assets and liabilities. The Audit Committee reported on the Audit and discussed the Conflicts of Interest Policy and Report that must be completed by each Board member.

Dave Langston reported on Camp’s development activities to raise its $800K goal. Mark Valkenburgh went over the summary document of the Gift Acceptance Policy, which was adopted by the Board.

The Program and Policy Committee discussed the issue of “camper age” for Kiniya and Dudley, which has been researching the age requirements for other comparable camps. It was recommend by the Program Committee that Dudley accept Campers at a younger age – coming off of fourth grade instead of finishing fifth grade. Summer 2017 Dudley will have 12 – 10 year-old cubs. This change gives the Director some flexibility and provides consistent messaging across both Camps. It will require some campers to take a year-off before becoming a JL, but there are other options now with our other summer programming.

The Admissions and Diversity Committee (ADS) discussed the issues of race, sexuality and religion. It was decided that a Working Committee would be created to include critical feedback from Staff and that while each topic necessarily touches multiple Committees, it was proposed that ADS focus on Diversity/Race and Tuition (the latter with support from Development and Finance), that Program and Policy focus on Spirituality (one of our four Program Pillars), and that Health Risk Management and Safety focus on the issues around gender and gender identification.

The Board Development and Nominations Committee (BDN) discussed the needs on the Board and diversifying the Board with people of color and women.   Rich Maxwell, as Chair of BDN, thanked each of the Committees for providing their updated goals and reminded them of the need to update their Committee Purposes Statements by the November Board Meeting.

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