Dudley & Kiniya

Dudley & Kiniya

November 2016 Board Meeting Notes

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The Dudley Board of Trustees met at the Renaissance Westchester Hotel in West Harrison, New York on November 4, 2016.  Matt Quigley started the meeting giving a brief history of the German Exchange Program in 1961 as we look to launch the Dudley Gap Experience in the fall of 2017.  Matt and Marnie then provided their Directors’ Report. On the reunion trail, Matt and Marnie are actively reaffirming the mission, motto, core values (character – community – leadership – stewardship) and the four program pillars. Marnie and Matt shared with the Board how they are sustaining and strengthening our community and year-round relationships.  Attendance at Open Houses has been up from previous years for the vast majority. The numbers are strong and both reported they are confident that Camp will be very full for summer 2017.  Camp has two new additions to the year-round team – Tom McDonagh at Dudley (Dudley Gap Experience) and Tom Braden at Kiniya (Maintenance and Operations).  Camp is busy building, enhancing and preserving camp resources.  In addition, Camp is investing in the systems, technology, and software to support operations.  Camp has revamped its online application process, which is going live this week, and is partnering with TADS for purposes of processing scholarships.  Camp is looking into the use of “campdoc.com” – an online medical program that organizes medication forms.  Tom Brayden is helping to upgrade the WiFi at Camp Kiniya.

Matt provided the Board with an update on the Dudley Gap Experience, which will focus on Community, Leadership and Stewardship. Kat has agreed to work with Tom to co-direct the Dudley Gap Experience.  It is anticipated that Camp will have 6-10 people enrolled in the inaugural year.

Marnie talked about the early planning for Kiniya’s 100th (summer 2018) and that she is looking to re-engage Kiniya Alums of all ages and generations!

The Board reviewed and approved our Camps consolidated financial statements and the independent auditors’ report.  In addition, the Board adopted an Investment Policy Statement for Short Term Assets.  The Admissions, Diversity and Scholarship Committee engaged the Board in a discussion about our Camps’ spiritual program.  The Development Committee reported that new donors to Annual Giving were up 30%.

Lastly, the Board Development and Nominations Committee recommended and the Board approved the following new Board Members: Marcus Chioffi (educator), Joey Donahue (doctor), Caroline Deans (finance) and John Ulin (attorney).  In addition, the Board voted in the following officers for 2017: Matt Quigley, Chair, Whitney Phelps, Secretary, Mike Bransford, Treasurer and Mark Valkenburgh as Ad Hoc Executive Committee Member.

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