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Dudley & Kiniya

January 2017 Board Meeting Notes

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As the Board convened in Westport, NY on January 27th light snowflakes fell and we all enjoyed the Adirondacks in the winter. Matt Quigley welcomed the new Members, Marcus Chioffi, Joey Donahue, Caroline Deans and John Ulin to the Board table. In addition, he presented the 2017 draft Board Goals that focus on Present, Prospective and Personal Goals for the Board. Matt Storey discussed the success of the 31 open houses available to our community and prospective new Campers throughout the reunion trail. Marnie commented on the success of the Kiniya Leaders Tea with 51 people, including 12 former Leaders, all of whom joined the Dudley Leaders Luncheon afterward. Matt updated the Board on some off-season shoulder programs that were a great success and will only be considered when the program is led by Camp Dudley in an effort to extend its mission. Matt and Marnie discussed implementation of some programs for administration of Camper scholarships and a web-based medical records system. There was lots of discussion about the new Dudley Gap Experience, the application process and the opportunity it has provided for Camp to reconnect with former Campers.

Matt gave the Board a tour of the new Leadership Barn. Rich Maxwell, as Chair of the Board Development and Nominations Committee reported on the Board self-evaluation process, results and provided certain recommendations, including looking at what would be considered a diverse Board for our Camps.

The Development Committee reported that the Annual Fund surpassed its goal for 2016 and raised over $825,000 (over 2,000 individual gifts!) and that there are over 100 people in the Beckman Society.

The Board adopted a Gift Acceptance Policy that can be shared with potential donors, as necessary, setting forth the guidelines that govern the acceptance of gifts made to Camp for the benefit of our operations, programs, scholarship and to the Camp Dudley Foundation.

The Finance Committee reported on the Camps financial position and presented the 2017 Budget to the Board. In addition, the Finance Committee reported on the upcoming closing for the construction financing loan with Merchants Bank of Vermont and Champlain National Bank for the New Kiniya Dining Hall project.

Lastly, the Board approved a motion allowing for the transfer of funds out of Camp Dudley, Inc. to the Camp Dudley Foundation, under certain circumstances.

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