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Dudley & Kiniya

August 2016 Board Meeting Notes

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The Camp Dudley Board of Trustees met on the Camp Dudley campus August 26, 2016 preceding the 2016 CDA Reunion. Matt Quigley began the meeting acknowledging the planned new buildings for Camp Kiniya – the Dining Hall and the Lodge and for Camp Dudley – the Leadership Barn and providing the Board with a history of all the other major buildings at our Camps.  Matt and Marnie provided the Board with their Directors’ Report highlighting the over 1000 campers and 500+ others that benefited from an amazing 2016 summer.  Each identified a few factors that they think helped to make the summer the best ever, including — a strong commitment by all Staff as evidenced by almost 100% leadership contribution to the Annual Fund, more seasoned and experienced Staff with our new housing accommodations at Kiniya, great pre-season training, multiple Kiniya alumnae visited Camp in-season that provided an infusion of fresh energy during Camp, reduced nights out at Dudley (allowing for better rest), and the addition of 2 new programs at Dudley (assignment of a Staff member to a Leader and cabin (e.g., Staff ate breakfast with cabins and sometimes participated in vespers, etc.) and every day a senior Staff person helped Matt and were on duty after dinner). Marnie reported on the capital improvements at Kiniya, including the new Edie and Knollandale cabins, new decks on other senior cabins, improvements to the publications office, the screen porch on Homestead and the two new properties reconnecting the Williams Property with Kiniya. All of which also helped contribute to a fabulous summer.

Marnie and Fred reported on two major proposed Vermont regulations that could directly impact Kiniya.  Vermont is looking to (i) reclassify the SandBar Wetlands as a Class I, which would impact 20 Kiniya acres near the Lamoille River and (ii) impose on camps the rules applicable to hotels and motels.  As drafted, the Vermont Camping Association (VCA) is opposing the latter regulation. Both Camps were visited by the respective state’s Department of Health and passed inspection. Matt reported on the condition of the Lake, which is having an impact on the Dudley Program and caused Camp to voluntarily close Swim Point for two days. Camp can’t control the Lake levels or the pervasiveness of the Blue Algae and thus, Camp needs to invest in the Waterfront to ensure future access and use.

The Board reviewed the Camp Dudley Infirmary Health & Safety Report 2016 as presented by the Health, Risk Management and Safety Committee.

Fred went through the financial statements and discussed the fluctuation in the numbers given that Camp started a week later and the impact of the Vermont real estate tax liability due to Camp no longer benefiting from a real estate tax exemption in Vermont for YMCA Camps.  The 990s were filed and the 2015 audit is almost done. Bill Combs, Chair of the Audit Committee, reported on the Conflict of Interest Questionnaires completed by all of the Board and Key employees.

Mike Bransford, of the Finance Committee, reviewed the Pension Plan compliance requirements, which will become an ongoing Finance Committee responsibility.

Fred provided a financial update on the planned new Kiniya Dining Hall.  The Board had previously approved a $3M Budget and so far Camp spent $300K.  A motion was approved to allow the Executive Committee to negotiate and execute bank funding of up to $1.75 million for construction of the new Camp Kiniya Dining Hall.

Ted Smith, Board Development and Nominating Chair, discussed the credentials of each Board Member rolling off and the Committee positions held by each Member.  In addition, he talked about the 2017 Class rolling off and that 4 Members on the Executive Committee will need to be replaced in the next two years. He discussed the need for women and diversity in the Board ranks (in all respects).

An Ad Hoc Special Subcommittee was created and it was agreed to hire Laura Kirschstein of T&M Consulting for purposes of investigating the circumstances that precipitated the letter to the Community from the Board Chair dated November 30, 2016.

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