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#21531 Sammi Muther – Gap Year Reflection

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sammi-headshotSammi Muther
School: The College of Wooster ‘15
Most Recent Role at Camp: Summer 2016 – Sailing Head and Aide Liaison

What did you do during your gap year?

I studied at The Royal School in Haselmere, Surrey as the Secondary School Exchange Scholar with the English Speaking Union (SSE with ESU). While at The Royal School, I completed AS levels in Art, Photography, and Drama. These are all subjects I had briefly explored in high school, but had the chance to immerse myself in through this year.  I traveled all around England, spent time in Wales, Ireland, and France. I made friends that I still am in contact with today, friends I’ve visited back in London and made memories that I will cherish always.

Why did you decide to take a gap year?

As a senior, every meeting with my college counselor felt like pulling teeth. I had no idea what kind of school (big, small, close to home, far away) I was interested in attending. When the ESU application appeared in my hands, pushing college back a year made all the decisions easier to make. I had lived in Marion, Massachusetts my entire life – I went to Tabor Academy where my parents were teachers and wanted to experience something – anything different.

How has it impacted you in college/beyond?

I applied to The College of Wooster as a senior, and through the ESU was able to defer my acceptance for a year. As a freshman at Wooster, I felt that my year abroad had given me an edge up from my classmates. I was comfortable being on my own and I was excited for college. Since graduating college, I’ve come to realize that if you aren’t ready for college – it’s ok to do some serious thinking. Take some time to figure yourself out. College is immensely important and I think it is crucial that people be excited to go study for four years.


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