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Dudley & Kiniya

May 2016 Board Meeting

mstorey • 7 years ago • Blogs

The May 7th Camp Dudley Board of Trustees (BOT) meeting was held in Westport, NY giving the Board a chance to experience the magic of Camp in spring right before the Camp season begins – everything looked spectacular!  Matt and Marnie both thanked the year-round staff for all of their hard work getting both Camps ready for the 2016 season.

Matt talked about his trip to Spain to solidify the second year of the Spanish Exchange Program and to Germany where he had dinner with 40 to celebrate Camp’s partnership with Camp Abbensen. Marnie discussed the various training programs attended by the year-round staff, including the National American Camp Association (ACA) in Georgia and the benefits from the programs, including how to promote resiliency in girls, fundraising tools, how to handle a tragedy and a session on child abuse.

The Directors provided and went over the Enrollment Report, including the increased diversity, for the 2016 season with 675 enrolled at Dudley and 347 at Kiniya (largest number yet).  Our community partners remain strong and we will be adding one new partner — Metro Squash of Minneapolis. Now that enrollment is complete, the year-round team is focused on program.  Marnie and Matt talked about the staff for the upcoming year.  Kat Nelson will now be managing the athletics program at Kiniya.  Kiniya is getting chickens for the Farm to Table major!

Matt and Marnie explained to the BOT the updates made to the Camper forms, including a “Camper Code of Conduct,” in an effort to better communicate our expectations and reinforce our values.  They also noted that the 2016 Dudley and Kiniya Employee Handbooks and the Employee Code of Conduct can be found on the Camps’ website.

The Finance and Legal Committee reported to the Board that all of the Endowment has been transferred to the Camp Dudley Foundation. The Endowment continues to be managed by the Commonfund, based in Wilton, CT.  The Finance Committee of the BOT will continue to oversee our Camps’ shorter-term assets and the 403(b) Retirement Plan.  The Board approved the opening of a short-term high grade bond account with Vanguard to expand the investment option for our Camps’ short-term financial assets.

The Development Committee discussed the new Evergreen effort to promote monthly giving through credit card charges.  In addition, it was reported that the Beckman Society had nearly reached 100 members.  Development is looking to re-kindle the Auction Palooza for September 2016. Dave Langston walked the Board through the annual fund giving history and announced an Annual Fund Goal of $825,000 for 2016 with a focus on expanding participation in the Evergreen giving program.

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