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Dudley & Kiniya

January 2016 Board Meeting

mstorey • 7 years ago • Blogs

The Board of Trustees (“BOT”) held their winter meeting in Westport, NY for the first time in many years.  The female Trustees stayed in Adams thankfully with Marnie’s special touch and the male Trustees resided in MacLean. There was no snow on the ground when we arrived, but light flakes fell as the meeting progressed.

Matt Quigley, Chair, began the meeting welcoming our new Trustees for the Class of 2020: Bill Bullock, Karen Johnson, D’Anne Hurd and Peter Groves (CDA, Vice Chair).  Matt and Marnie followed by updating the BOT on the communications and events since our last meeting, including, the publication of the “best ever” Camp Dudley News that arrived in the mail for Thanksgiving, which set forth the 2020 Vision for the entire community, The Last Whistle and The Spirit that were mailed before Christmas, followed by a well-attended Leaders’ Luncheon in NYC and the other events held on each Campus.

Kiniya enrollment is full — meeting a goal of 165 girls with the renovation of Casbah and Hernandos with a retention rate of approximately 85%.  Dudley enrollment is almost full with only a few bunks available for the second session.  This summer the German exchange campers will be coming to Dudley/Kiniya and Matt is headed to Germany in April to meet the campers.  Another small group of boy and girl campers will head to Spain and the NOLS program continues to have robust enrollment.  The Camps had 254 individuals apply for leadership positions giving each Camp a great pool of applicants, including Kiniya ALs and JLs with 50 applicants for 40 spots.  Kat and Evan are working on a Leadership Module Training Program to ensure that everyone is developing the same basic skill set and knowledge.  The year-round team also is participating in various trainings in line with the 2020 Vision.  Matt and Marnie reviewed their individual and the institution’s 2016 goals.

The Legal Committee reported that the Endowment funds will be transferred to the Camp Dudley Foundation on or about April 1, 2016 and that a sub-group is going to be created to work on a Gift Acceptance Policy. The Board Development and Nomination Committee Chair (“BDN Chair”) reported on a fabulous new board member orientation and the creation of the Dudley Service Corps that can be accessed on the Camp’s webpage at – https://campdudley.org/service/.  In addition, the BDN Chair summarized the BOT evaluation findings, with an overall score of 4.6 out of 5, which is the highest score for the past decade.

The Finance Committee reported on our Camps’ financials and walked through the budget, which was unanimously passed.  Dudley and Kiniya had a few extraordinary expenses this year as a result of the disaffiliation from the YMCA, but overall ended 2015 with a $30,000 surplus.  The Common Fund manager is doing well with respect to keeping the Endowment on track with measures for growth.  A motion was made and unanimously passed to open a Line of Credit in the amount of $250,000 with Champlain National Bank.  Fred reported on the on-campus meeting with the auditor and the new initiatives implemented by Camp based on last year’s audit recommendations.  Matt reported that Camp is looking at cyber security protections for the summer given the increase use of the Internet by staff and Leaders.

The Admissions, Diversity and Scholarship Committee prepared a very special program for the BOT to review our Inclusion Statement and Mollie Farnham led a chapel talk and discussion.  The Plant & Property Committee reported on the various Dudley projects, including the pavement of the road around campus.  Marnie reported on the Kiniya projects including, three new cabins – Knollandale (formerly Casbah), Hernandos and Haven (the publication office).  The Development Committee reported on the tremendous end-of-the-year annual giving that pushed the year total past the 2015 goal. The CDA reported on its initiatives to implement class agents, community partner agents, and the possible expansion of its mission to support social and community initiatives.

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