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Peter Groves #14571

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( L to R) Wyatt, #14571 Pete, Sameena and Zadie Groves listening while Wyatt practices the Dudley Cheer.

#14571 Peter Groves
Bronxville, NY

Pete started at Camp as a Cub in 1988, tentatively signed up for a half season. Five days in, he called his Dad and said he wasn’t coming home. Pete was a full-season camper as a Cub, Plebe, and Junior, and came back for two more summers as a JL and AL.  Pete’s camping days stretched from 1988 to 1994.

Outside of camp, Pete attended Exeter, Yale, and Columbia Business School. He was a Partner at McKinsey & Company and recently joined the hedge fund Bridgewater Associates as the Head of Research.  Pete and his wife Sameena now live in Bronxville, NY, with their two young children, Wyatt and Zadie. Pete sings The Dudley Hymn and one of either You’ll Never Walk Alone, Climb Every Mountain, or Amazing Grace to each of them every night, a tradition he’s kept up since the first nights they came home. Outside the bedtime routines, Pete leads the family through regular rounds of Put Your Hand in the Hand and Battle Hymn of the Republic.  As ever, Pete sings badly, but with conviction.

Pete is excited to lead the next era of alumni connectivity and community efforts, and to get to know the Kiniya family.

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