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D’Anne Hurd #19629

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#19629 D’Anne Hurd
Bourne, MA

D’Anne continues a long Hurd family tradition of dedication to Camp Dudley, beginning with her grandmother, Edith Start Hurd, who donated Hurd Cabin with grateful appreciation to Dudley for the positive impact the camp had on her four sons, #3829 Kenneth (D’Anne’s father), #3943 Russell, #3944 Robert, and #4535 Gilbert.

Since then many Hurd family members have and continue to attend Dudley. D’Anne’s sons Eric (#17629) and Doug (#18629) Forsythe were campers, leaders and, in Doug’s case, Division Head, between 1999 and 2014.

D’Anne’s service to Dudley began when she joined the Dudley Girls’ Sub-Committee (the ad hoc committee charged with establishing a Dudley camp for young women) in 2003.  She then served on the Board from 2006 until 2010 championing Kiniya’s acquisition and its transition to Dudley ideals.  During her tenure on the Board, D’Anne chaired and served on numerous committees.

D’Anne’s 35-year business career combines law and finance (JD/MBA) at large (PepsiCo, Inc.) to very small companies (Boston technology start-ups).  She has served on public and private company boards since 1993. D’Anne currently works as an independent Board Governance Consultant with the National Association of Corporate Directors, traveling to corporate boardrooms to facilitate discussion, solve problems, and deliver education in areas such as Long Term Strategy, Risk Mitigation and Crisis Management. D’Anne also serves as an independent trustee of the Pax World Funds (a recognized leader in sustainable investing) including The Pax Ellevate Global Women’s Index Fund, the first broadly diversified mutual fund to invest in companies demonstrably advancing women’s leadership.

D’Anne is married to George Forsythe and lives in Bourne, MA.   “I am simply thrilled to return to the Dudley Board to plan for Dudley’s future and to support Marnie and Matt as they instill values and teach leadership to the young men and women in the Dudley family,” she says.

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