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Dudley & Kiniya

November 2015 Board Meeting

mstorey • 7 years ago • Blogs

The November meeting of the Camp Dudley Board of Trustees took place at the Sleepy Hollow Country Club in Scarborough, NY, on the eastern shore of the Hudson River.  Given the time of year, Matt Quigley appropriately began the meeting connecting the ghost stories of Sleepy Hollow and the fear of the unknown to the hope that Camp and the Board will confront fears and be a place for people to freely express themselves.

Both Matt and Marnie expressed their excitement to take ownership of implementing the 2020 Vision – a guide to be used so that all decisions are made through the lens of the 2020 Vision, which provides a universal language in which to speak about our Mission, Motto, Core Values and Program Pillars.

Matt and Marnie talked about the excitement on the Reunion Trail and the tremendous sense of community given that all reunions include a mix of old Campers, prospective new Campers and alumni.  In addition, Matt and Marnie talked about the effort they are intentionally making to see the lives being led by the alumni in their local communities and to connect with Camps’ community partners.

Both Camps have been busy off-season with various activities — Kiniya hosted the Iron Dog competition and Dudley hosted the New Canaan Country Day school, the local 6th grade class to explore the challenge course, and the athletic fields are the home fields for the local schools.  All such activities are a great service to the local community.  Also, Cornell Medical School is coming for a 10-day training program.

Matt and Marnie hosted the entire full-time team at the Moscow, VT property for a day together to kick off the 2016 season, which was led by outside staff, and well-received by all in attendance. Evan and Kat are working to create a Leadership module to identify specific skills and trainings that must be satisfied by all Leaders.  The module will allow the Camps to track what skills/training are missing for a Leader with the goal to develop a curriculum for use by anyone.

Marnie challenged the Board — as she challenges herself– to ask each day what each of us is doing to strengthen community, improve our leadership skills or those of others, and preserve and enhance the institution.

The Board voted to elect the following new members: Karen Johnson (Marketing professional), D’Anne Hurd (Governance expert), and Bill Bullock (Development professional and educator).  In addition, the Board voted for the current Executive Committee leadership to remain in place – Matt Quigley (Chair), Whitney Phelps (Secretary), Karen Ramsey (Treasurer) and Ted Smith (Ad Hoc).  The Committee also recommended that Peter Treiber serve on the Foundation Board to replace Jane Lee whose Foundation Board Term is ending.

The Plant & Property Committee talked about the intentional purpose of having decks on cabins so there is a space outside for Campers to gather.  The road to Swim Point is now paved with drainage to stop the erosion problem.  A space off of Brodie has been built and dedicated for pottery.  Sean McCalla discussed the plant and property improvements at Kiniya and the Board agreed to demolish and rebuild Hernandos for Summer 2016.

The Finance Committee discussed the Camps’ financial performance, the audits (for the 2014 stub period and for CY 2015), reported that all tax returns were submitted to the IRS and NYS, and the Board adopted a new Investment Policy Statement (IPS) as recommended by the Committee.  The IPS aims to highlight best practices to show how the Endowment should be administered and provides a measurement to determine if the Fund is performing as expected.

The meeting ended with gratitude and farewells to the outgoing Board members – Mike Stevens, Scott Martin, Rick Commons and CDA President, Marcus Chioffi.

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