Dudley & Kiniya

Dudley & Kiniya

August 2015 Board Meeting Notes

mstorey • 7 years ago • Announcements

The Camp Dudley Board of Trustees (“BOT”) met this past August, 21st— a very hot summer day — at Camp Kiniya in Colchester, VT. Matt Quigley began by acknowledging the May board meeting 10 years prior bringing girls camping to Dudley and Marnie’s tremendous contributions to the Dudley community. After the invocation by outgoing board member, Rick Commons, Matt proceeded to give a historical look at Camp Dudley and its relationship to Westport, NY.

In typical fashion, Matt and Marnie then proceeded with their Directors’ reports highlighting the fabulous events of the summer. Marnie highlighted the strong sense of community and pride Kiniya has today as camp openly talks about its history and where Kiniya is headed. Kiniya’s delivery, schedule and thorough content for pre-season training were the best ever. Marnie expressed some concern for Leader burn out due to the tremendous college stress placed on the Leaders. Matt expressed the amazing time that the camp boys had this summer and how helpful it was to have more senior staff around to step-in. Dudley did not go to the Westport Fair because this was the best thing for the campers and notified the Town well in-advance. In its place, Dudley had its own Dudley fair on campus.

The escaped convicts created some excitement at the beginning of the summer and Camp had to be flexible with implementing plans. Hikes went out, but campers came to Stacy Brook for the evenings. This gave campers an outdoor experience, but in a safer environment. The very good working relationship that each Camp has with the local police was a huge asset in assessing the risk level with the escaped convicts. Matt and Marnie had a strategy with resources in place and worked to keep the staff and leaders on task without unnecessary fear and drama.

The food service at each Camp is the best ever and the food budget is supporting the local community.   Each kitchen works with the hike-hut to provide food for hikers and re-balance the food needs in the dining hall to avoid waste. Kiniya is also dehydrating food to be used on the hikes. Both Camps continue to experience an increased need for special foods and diets. The farm-to-plate majors continue to be a big hit.

Kiniya had a visit from the Vermont Department of Health (“VDOH”) on opening day and Dudley had an extensive American Camping Accreditation (“ACA”) visit this year. Both went well.

The NOLS, Germany and Spain trips were a huge success.

The Board acknowledged Fred’s 18th summer at Dudley. There were not many surprises with respect to the financials and balance sheets, although the change in fiscal year for each Camp has created some challenges. Any unexpected capital expenses were able to be offset by other budgeted cost savings. The Investment Committee is looking to review and update Camp’s investment policy.

The CDA gave a report about the CDA weekend, which had a record number of people attending. The CDA is looking to develop four initiatives that focus on the four pillars of the CDA – fundraising, recruiting, social gathering, and ongoing life-long service. The following are the four initiatives discussed: (1) to create two local chapters in two communities; (2) on the day of the Leadership Lunch to create a national and international way for the entire Dudley community to connect (e.g., a day of service); (3) to create a service pool to see how alumnae can get engaged; and (4) to create more a formal mentoring process for Leaders.

Peter Groves will be the new assistant CDA officer for 2016.

The Chair and Vice-Chair of the Health, Risk Management and Safety Committee reported on their on-campus visits to review the policies and procedures in place at each Camp. Each concluded that each Camp has appropriate risk-mitigation plans in place that work.

The Plant & Property Committee reported on the ongoing plans for the Master Site Plan for Kiniya, which has been adjusted, based on feedback from the Committee, and the architect plans for the Dudley Barn.

Dave Langston discussed the new development initiatives this year, including the Leader Campaign that honored 286 of our very own in 24-hours, and Willie Week that connected Camp to an amazing number of people (33,000 photo links).

 The Program Committee also reported to the Board, including on the structures in place to ensure each camper is experiencing the four pillars. Evan and Kat each discussed the daily and weekly schedules for a camper on each respective side of the lake.

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