Dudley & Kiniya

Dudley & Kiniya

Rock Climbing at Camp Kiniya

Brendan • 7 years ago • Blogs


During the three and a half week session, girls in the rock climbing major learn climbing skills on the man-made rock wall by the high ropes course on campus. Outdoor staff, Paul and Kaylee, teach the girls climbing routes, safety skills, different knots and how to improve their overall climbing techniques. The senior major girls learn how to belay and end up practicing their new skills by belaying each other as well!


This session’s rock climbing trips were overnights to provide more actual climbing time for the girls. The juniors went to the Falls of Lana while the seniors tried out the cliffs in Bolton. The exposure to the elements, taller rock faces, other climbers and the overall atmosphere can make outdoors rock climbing an entire different experience and challenge. Instead of easy-to-spot handholds, the girls must be patient, dig in, and look more carefully for nooks and crannies to grab onto. They rose to the challenge.

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