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Sean McCalla #14016

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Sean-McCalla-WEBSean McCalla #14016
East Meadow, NJ

After a twenty-eight year absence from Dudley, Sean attended the 2014 Reunion. He saw that very little had changed since he had left. He was honored to speak with Dudley brothers from his era, as well as show his family where their dad’s childhood stories took place. He knew that whether it was Willie Schmidt, the Carr family or many other kind people, his four-year Dudley experience had an immeasurable impact on his life. Sean realized, too, that Dudley was not just a part of his past, but that it could be a part of his family’s lives in years to come. He and his wife, Samantha, live in East Meadow, NJ. They have two daughters Camille and Caitlin, who hope to attend Kiniya in 2015 and a son Sean Jr. who hopes to follow in his father’s footsteps at Dudley.

Sean is an alumnus of St. John’s University and served on several committees of the Black Alumni Association. As a project manager for Henegan, a commercial construction company, Sean is keenly aware of the importance of attention to detail and the obligation to complete projects. Based on his construction management experience, Sean feels capable of significantly contributing to the Plant and Property Committee and the numerous capital improvements for our Camps. Serving on the Board of Managers of Camp Dudley is even more special for Sean because his service is motivated by a genuine passion for, and pride in, the Dudley/Kiniya experience.

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