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Dudley & Kiniya

November 2014 Board of Managers Meeting Notes

• 8 years ago • Alumni

At the invitation of Charlie Johnson III (#8252), the Board gathered for its November meeting at the U.S. Capitol Visitors Center, an august space to bid farewell to departing Board members: Anna Carter-Florence, Charlie Johnson IV, Chris Perry, Dennis Ryan and Pete Treiber.  The Board elected the following new Board members to replace this outgoing team: Pete Allen, Robin Bridges Johnson, Patrick Butler, Rich Maxwell, Sean McCalla, and Jay Wells.  Outgoing members, thank you for your devoted service!  Incoming members, congratulations!

Marnie and Matt shared that each stop on the 2014-15 Open House tour has gone exceptionally well so far.  They emphasized the invaluable connections during these visits with our community partners, and the kids who so benefit from the Dudley and Kiniya experience, such as Horton’s Kids in Washington, D.C., Pave Academy in Brooklyn, and the Rotary in Baltimore.  Evan George is doing a terrific job overseeing the administration of these community partnerships.  All of the community partnerships have emanated from alumni involved in those local programs.  Both campuses have been busy since the summer season with extensive campus use for special events and community gatherings.  The good will and relationships strengthened along the way by these events are beneficial to both camps, driven by the year-round staff who spearhead the activities.  Among other off-season activities under consideration is a NOLS trip for Dudley/Kiniya staff in early spring, with work underway in collaboration with NOLS leadership to design a curriculum for this special opportunity.


In order to implement the provisions of the recently-enacted New York State Not-for-Profit Revitalization Act – which is designed to reform the statutory requirements for governance of nonprofit organizations – the Board adopted a series of changes to Camp Dudley’s by-laws, as well as a new Whistleblower policy for the two camps.  Also discussed was a survey of Dudley’s annual average endowment performance over three time horizons, as managed by outside investment advisor, Commonfund, reflecting: 11.86% growth over one year; 13.55% over three years; and 9.71% over five years, comparing very favorably with other not-for-profit portfolios.  And the Board unanimously adopted a new Statement on Inclusion, which reads as follows:


Camp Dudley and Camp Kiniya believe in inclusion for all individuals regardless of their economic, ethnic, geographic, racial, religious, sexual or social group.  We believe that every member of our community is unique and that the respect for all individuals is the foundation of our culture.  We believe that our Camps have a responsibility to create an inclusive, caring and welcoming environment that allows young men and young women to reach their full potential, preparing them to lead successful lives.


The 2020 Vision strategic planning document will be finalized by the late January 2015 Board meeting and is scheduled to be communicated and distributed to the Dudley/Kiniya Community by the end of March.

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