Dudley & Kiniya

Dudley & Kiniya

May 2014 Board of Managers Meeting Notes

• 8 years ago • Alumni

Marnie and Matt expressed excitement for the 1,000 campers who would be attending Camp Dudley and Camp Kiniya during the upcoming 2014 summer season.  Kiniya community members will experience a spectacular new outdoor program area, featuring a new challenge course (with high and low ropes elements, a climbing wall, giant swing and zip line); a Kiniya outdoor barn (KOB) renovated by the staff and repurposed to house the tripping and other components of the outdoor program ; and a new outdoor garden area for Kiniya’s farm-to-plate program.  Kiniya’s Outdoor Director Mollie Farnham #22406 hosted the Board for a tour of the new program area and announced the new Staff team who would be leading it.  Members of the Dudley community in Westport will see and experience for the first time the new Middlebury Pavilion, conceived, funded, and built by generous and talented members of the Dudley family, as well as a new solar array on the Dining Hall that will ultimately achieve a key sustainability objective of net zero energy use in Dudley’s most energy-intensive building during the summer season.

The Directors also provided an update on scholarships, 50% of the budgeted amount of which supports diverse candidates.  Matt and Marnie reported an average 79% retention rate for minority campers across our two camps, reinforced by a new liaison program in which alumni serve as essential off-season links to campers and families in local communities.  Akin to the Depreciation Reserve Account, Dudley and Kiniya have also established a Scholarship Reserve Account that will allow camp leadership flexibility to reach for scholarship assistance at times of lower revenues during the budget year, and the longer-term goal of growing the account to a level equal to the average total of the scholarship awards for the prior three years.

The Board and staff reviewed a key initiative of identifying “lost sheep,” among the relatively large cross-section of the alumni network who are not currently connected to Dudley or Kiniya and increasing the level of involvement of alumni in Camp Dudley and Kiniya today.  Among the recommendations for doing so are: digitizing the alumni records; doubling the number of alumni with whom Dudley and Kiniya communicate; personalizing communications with lost sheep; structuring alumni to more efficiently organize themselves (e.g., into chapters); and continuing to publish archival information and to utilize social media to connect with alumni.


The Board also reviewed an updated version of the Kiniya Master Site Plan, which outlines a series of potential renovations and adjustments to the Kiniya campus in Colchester.  The Breadloaf Corporation, which designed and built the new Senior Bath House on main campus at Kiniya, has created the Master Site Plan with input from Staff and the Board, and will incorporate additional feedback to be included in a Phase II planning document to be presented to the Board in November.  The Board also reviewed an outline of 2020 Vision, the strategic plan for Camps Dudley and Kiniya that will be presented to the Board for review at the November 2014 meeting.  2020 Vision examines our current mission, core values and expectations, as illustrated by and substantiated through feedback from our camp family, with the underlying purpose of enhancing the experience of Kiniya and Dudley campers and members of our broader camp family.


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