Dudley & Kiniya

Dudley & Kiniya

August 2014 Board of Managers Meeting Notes

• 8 years ago • Alumni

Matt and Marnie opened the meeting as follows: “We sit here with tremendous pride in a very successful summer.  The flowers in the room were planted from seedlings in February by Kiniya Mothers and Daughters; the tee shirts reading “I Love the Dudley” were prevalent among the Leaders and Staff at Dudley this summer; and the honey (distributed in jars to each Board member) was harvested by the bee keeper in the new Kiniya garden.”  At Kiniya, Marnie reported that successfully executing the challenge course program was especially gratifying, as was transforming the former horse barn into the Outdoor Program Center.  Repurposing funds previously dedicated to the riding program allowed for substantial investment in other program areas, including funding four new sail boats, stand-up paddle boards, a new piano and sound equipment.  At Dudley, the new Middlebury Pavilion was a huge success, used every day for a variety of activities and events: gospel choir practice, an evening movie, council rings, speakers, final Vespers, and an all-camp sunset yoga class.  It was also a tremendous place for the boys to congregate and to be unscheduled.  50 women came through the Kiniya Leadership ranks this summer, and all were very strong.  At Dudley, there were 23 first-time Leaders, as part of an expected cycle where the Leadership team will be comprised of new, younger Leaders certain summers.  We have “raised the bar” on what it means and takes to be a responsible Leader at our camps, and the Leaders have been up to the task.  It’s considered “very cool” to be a Leader at our two camps.  Both campuses reflected inclusion and embracing a diversity of backgrounds, racial and otherwise, as the numbers of non-white members of Dudley and Kiniya communities continue to increase.

The new Kiniya garden and local farm sourcing programs were a huge success, featuring increasing supplies of home or locally-grown food.  Kiniya’s and Dudley’s Food Service Directors, Gayle Coleman and Josh Olcott, did an amazing job serving healthy and delicious food in sufficient quantities, while navigating the growing number of food allergies at both camps.  The Food Service program reflected The Other Fellow First at every turn.  There were no significant health or safety events at either campus this summer, and Kiniya’s Outdoor Program Director, Mollie Farnham (also a licensed clinical social worker), provided counseling services to members of the Kiniya community from campers to Staff.


The endowment total is $9.6 million as of June 30, with investments allocated 68% equity (including 4.5% in commodities) and 32% in fixed income, and a year-to-date performance of just over 6%.  Total gifts to the annual fund are up by 119 donors in 2014 compared to the same time last year.  Although the annual gift size is lower, as is total annual giving (attributable to significant, unexpected gifts in 2013), the annual fund will hit its $800,000 goal for 2014.  Annual giving this year is likely to include over $9,000 donated from a significant majority of the members of the summer Leadership and Staff teams.  Finally, of the 16 living Board Chairs, 13 will be attending a “Chairman’s Council” retreat with Matt, Marnie and the Executive Committee of the Board at West Point in September to discuss, among other topics: Camp Dudley at Kiniya eight years later; the 2020 Vision strategic plan; risks of a non-standard nature; and the alumni experience.

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