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2014 CDA Man of the Year, #7987 Dr. Richard Edie

• 8 years ago • Alumni

A big congratulations to the 2014 CDA Man of the Year #7987 Dr. Richard Edie! #5616 Eddie Card, #7314 Don Stevenson and sons, #11977 Jonathan and #11762 Rick said words on behalf of “Dr. Dick’s” years of service to Camp.

CDA President Marcus Chioffi announced the following at the 2014 CDA Weekend.

“The one of the greatest honors of being involved with leading the Camp Dudley Association is the deliberation and selection of our highest honor, The Man or Person of the Year Award.

This year the selection goes to a longstanding and deserving recipient.  Our 2014 Man of the year first entered these gates as a junior in Huron Lodge in 1950. He quickly distinguished himself on the junior diamond for “Mickeys North Boys”.

His role models for leadership were some of our most renowned:  In 1952, he was the aide in Willie’s cabin (Columbia), with Don Stevenson the as the JL.  In 1953, he was the JL in Cutler, this time with Don Stevenson as the leader.  The cabin motto that year was, “Leader and JL never up till the breakfast bell.”

As a leader in the Junior Division from 1955 to 1957, he was an inspirational cabin leader — and in the days when Sunday Leaders Baseball was the Main event, he thrilled spectating campers with home runs launched deep into the tall grass of the senior diamond.

He received his BA from Princeton and served as the captain of the baseball team in 1959.  He then earned his MD from Columbia University in 1965.

He returned to Dudley in the late 70s, he served as one of the first two-week volunteer camp doctors and later served one term on the Board of Trustees from 1979 to 1984.

Many of our Boston-area alumni will remember him and his wife, Linda, as the long-time hosts of the Boston Reunions (now called Open Houses).

In his professional life, our 2014 man of the year has put the Other Fellow First into practice on a daily basis as a physician, cardiac surgeon, and professor at some of the countries top teaching hospitals.

On behalf of the Camp Dudley Association, I am proud to announce that the 2014 Man of the Year is #7987 Dr. Richard (Dick) Edie

For more pictures of the ceremony and the CDA Reunion click here.

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