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130 Years. 30 Hours. 130 Online Gifts. – The “Online Giving Ganza” Report

• 9 years ago • Announcements

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YOU DID IT!  During the past 30 hours the Dudley Family generated 163 gifts and $31,695.30 to support the boys and girls that will come through our gates in just a few weeks! In addition, we have $6,700 in corporate matching gifts to process. What amazing results!

We went more than 30 gifts over our goal! Raised more than $30,000! For our 130th summer…all in 30 hours! See the pattern?

We have enjoyed broad support of alumni, parents, grandparents, friends, campers, leaders and staff.  THANK YOU!

Here are some highlights that we want to share:

  • Supporters spanned the generations and represent both camps.
  • Donors made gifts to honor our 130 year tradition ($130), the 30 hour challenge ($30) and the camp number of a loved one (i.e., $255.53)
  • Cabin mates reconnected from bygone times.
  • Some folks made their first gifts to camp.
  • Alums and parents honored the memory of loved ones who attended camp.
  • Campers honored their leaders
  • We have discovered some “Lost Sheep”
  • Donors increased the value of the gift by using corporate matching gift programs

What a wonderful event!  Your commitment to our mission and timeless motto “the other fellow first” made this possible!

Gifts to the Camp Dudley Annual Fund are welcome at any time during the year. We welcome matching gifts and are pleased to assist you in processing those.

On behalf of the campers at Dudley and Kiniya, Thank You!


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